Samsung Announces Smartphone with Flexible Curved Display

Samsung Electronics plans to introduce smartphones equipped with "flexible curved display" on September 24th in SeoulGALAXY Note 3WhenGalaxy GearIt was revealed at the new product presentation meeting.

Samsung unveils plan to launch smartphone with curved display next month - SlashGear

Samsung to introduce 'curved display smartphone' in October | The Verge

We have not disclosed the exact release date and details yet,OLED(Organic Electroluminescence) flexible curved display display equipped smartphone as a limited product, the production start time will be as early as October.

Samsung previously adopted curved glassNexus SAlthough we are releasing "Flexible Curved Surface Display" adopted this time it looks like the panel itself is bent and displayed, and we are also applying for a patent for this smartphone.

By the way, Samsung's curved displayCurved surface type organic EL televisionWe are releasing it in June 2013.

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