The premium model "iPhone X" is expected to be shipped after the regular model iPhone 7s

From the image which KPN which is a cellular phone carrier of the Netherlands casually leaked, the name of the terminal appearing as the premium model of 10th anniversary commemorating the next iPhone will become "iPhone X"Be reportedis. It is reported that the iPhone X is expected to be shipped later than the latest models of the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone that had been released from Apple.

High-end iPhone to ship after standard models | TechCrunch

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Apple will host on September 12, 2017New product release eventIt is believed to be announced in the premium model "iPhone X" celebrating the iPhone 10th anniversary. Until now it was iPhone X which was also called "iPhone 8", but iPhone X, which is planned to be a narrow frame design with almost no bezel, Forbes, the world's leading economic news media, obtained from the supply chain Rendering images are also released from CAD files.

Forbes leaks confirmed version design of "iPhone 8", power button giant - GIGAZINE

Apart from this premium model, Apple is also expected to release "iPhone 7s / 7s Plus (tentative name)" which will be the successor of 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

According to the information obtained from overseas news site TechCrunch from trusted stakeholders, iPhone X will be shipped after iPhone 7s / 7s Plus. It is unknown how far the two shipping times will be, but it has been reported that the iPhone X's parts supply delay and production defects have been reported as soon as the meeting is about to be held, which causes them to delay the shipment There is also possibility.

Indeed,Wall Street JournalReports that iPhone production has been pushed for one month due to a defect in the manufacturing process. This "defect in the manufacturing process" is a problem that occurred when integrating the OLED screen and the Touch ID of the fingerprint authentication sensor, and in order to solve this problem, finally, the new iPhone shipped without a fingerprint authentication sensor It was said that it was to be done.

Whether the Touch ID will be abolished or not is unknown at this time, but there was a rumor that iPhone X previously installed 3D face authentication function instead of Touch ID.

The next iPhone reports that 3D face authentication function is installed instead of Touch ID - GIGAZINE

Also, although Apple procures OLED displays from Samsung, it is said that there is a lot of time and effort in the process of integrating the display and the touch panel, as the manufacturing method differs from that of Samsung's smartphone. In addition, since Apple relies on Samsung for procurement of OLED display, it is reported that the cost of display rises and iPhone X becomes one of the reasons for expensive price.

The view that iPhone 8 becomes expensive is that organic display is monopoly on Samsung - GIGAZINE

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