Apple is reportedly testing a foldable iPhone

Foreign media outlet The Information reported that Apple is developing at least two prototype foldable smartphones.

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Apple's foldable smartphone is reportedly not in its 2024 or 2025 mass production plans, meaning development may be canceled and it's unlikely to arrive anytime soon, if at all. About.

Apple's foldable smartphone design and development team faced challenges similar to what Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold series and Google's Pixel Fold experienced early in development: they were fragile, expensive, had a noticeable center seam, and had flat surfaces. It is said that development is facing difficulties, such as instability when placed.

Additionally, Apple engineers are reportedly aiming to make a foldable phone 'as thin as current iPhone models,' but the size of the battery and display-related components make this a challenge. .

So far, Apple is in talks with at least one Asian company to source parts for foldable smartphones of various sizes, The Information reported.

In addition to smartphones, there are also rumors of foldable Apple products including a foldable iPad.

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Plans are also said to be underway for a foldable iPad, and according to The Information, Apple is developing a foldable tablet that is approximately the same size as the iPad mini with an 8-inch display.

Apple engineers working on the foldable iPad are experimenting with ways to reduce creases in the center of the display, and are also aiming to create a hinge that allows the display to lie flat when unfolded. that's right.

It is unknown when Apple will release a foldable iPad, but according to overseas media THE ELEC , Apple is developing a 7-inch or 8-inch foldable iPad with a time frame of 2026 to 2027 in mind. It has been.

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