Microsoft turned out to be a policy to stop dual screen with folding smartphone 'Surface Duo'

It turned out that Microsoft is the successor to the

foldable two-screen smartphone 'Surface Duo 2' and plans to stop dual screens.

Microsoft scraps plans for dual-screen Surface Duo 3, pivots to new foldable screen design | Windows Central

Microsoft announced the foldable smartphone 'Surface Duo' in 2019 and released it in 2021. In 2022, the successor model “Surface Duo 2” was released.

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As a foldable smartphone, Samsung's Galaxy Fold and others were ahead, but Galaxy Fold was a mechanism that 'folds one display'.

However, the Surface Duo series was characterized by a mechanism that 'connects two displays'.

Zach Borden of the news site Windows Central told us that the next Surface Duo will stop dual screens and change to a method of folding one display, as a story from a source familiar with Surface Duo. .

According to Borden's sources, Microsoft plans to release the Surface Duo 3 at the end of 2023 and has already completed the design as a dual-screen terminal. The design team seems to have scrapped this idea and is focusing on a 'true' foldable design.

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