Mobile phones equipped with "Windows Mobile", eliminating version notation to "Windows Phone"

Microsoft's cellular phone operating system that has been adopted by many smartphones such as Sharp's WILLCOM terminal "WILLCOM 03" and HTC's "Touch Diamond" released to each mobile phone company "Windows MobileHowever, Microsoft seems to intend to release a mobile phone equipped with "Windows Mobile" as "Windows Phone" in the future.

Also, the timing of the new version of Windows Mobile is clearly shown.

Details are as follows.
Windows Mobile phones to become just Windows phones, say sources

According to this article, Microsoft, which is nearing the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, will release a beta version of Windows Mobile 7.0 by the end of 2009.

And in April 2010 it is said that smartphones equipped with Windows Mobile 7.0 will be released and mobile phones adopting Windows Mobile in the future will simply sell as "Windows Phone" with no version notation of OS It will come to be.

In addition, it is said that 20 million mobile phones equipped with Windows Mobile sold in 2008 will be accounted for 13% of the market share.

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