Pizza Hut done it again. "Maria sama ga miteru" pizza box review.

There is a simple fact that pizzas have strong connection with geeks. Large amount of pizzas (and cokes, of course) consumed in front of every computer screens. From this fact arises one clear theory to increase the sales of pizza: Attract geeks.

Pizza Hut seems to adopt the tactics. They once again brought their "Maria-sama ga miteru" pizza box campaign on road, not considering anything about the connection between teenage girls attending Convent school and pizzas.

Anyway here's a review of "Maria-sama ga miteru" pizza box. Yes, box is the point.

Read on for detail.
(Japanese)Maria-sama ga miteru Goods Present Campaign - Pizza Hat delivery service.

Here comes the pizza!

Free oolong tea served for using online order.

Yumi and Sachiko-sama eating pizza.

The pizza should come with basil leaf, but there aren't any of them.

The pizza is simply topped with mini tomatoes and cheese. Basil leaf would have been a good accent, though.

OK. Main part of the review. If you are the memeber of Pizza Hut Club, you can get 2 types of wallpaper. The one shown here is using the key visual.

This one is the clored version of the design shown on the box.

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