The possibility that Google's high-end smartphone "Nexus One" appears in au appears emerging

KDDI own mobile phone brandWe plan to introduce two models of smartphones, "au", a model equipped with Google's mobile phone OS "Android" and a model with Microsoft's Windows MobileHas gathered the topic, but it became clear that there is a possibility that Google's high-end smartphone "Nexus One" may appear for au.

Although it is au which could not use the smartphone provided by other companies due to the difference in communication method, if it realizes it will be a Snapdragon processor that drives at 1 GHz, 3.7 inch wide VGA (800 × 480) organic EL touch panel, auto focus with LED flash A high-end terminal equipped with a 5-megapixel camera will be available.

Details are as below.
HTC shipping CDMA-version Nexus One to Verizon, says paper

According to this article, HTC, a major smartphone maker under contract to manufacture Google's smartphone "Nexus One", will receive Verizon Wireless, the mobile phone company that boasts the largest number of subscribers in the US in early April or early April Chinese economic newspaper said that it is planning to supply "Nexus One" against China.

Although "Nexus One" is originally a model corresponding to the W-CDMA, GSM, EDGE system and the HSDPA and HSUPA system communication standards of the higher standards, it is the same as the communication system supported by au for Verizon ,CDMA 2000 1xIt will be a model corresponding to.

To the end it is only that "Nexus One" corresponding to the same communication method as au appears but it is not confirmed that it will appear for au, but Verizon, the biggest player of CDMA 2000 1x camp, says "Nexus One Would not it be good to consider that there is the possibility of having some influence on au as long as we are going to introduce it?

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