Samsung announces 'organic EL display that can be folded in three' and 'display that can mount a camera inside'

Samsung Display, a display manufacturing subsidiary of Samsung, which has been developing a foldable smartphone ``

Galaxy Fold '' since 2019, has OLED (organic EL) display `` S-Foldable OLED panel '' for mobile terminals that folds in three We announced new products such as 'Display Week 2021 ', an international event related to displays.

삼성 디스플레이,'SID 2021' 에서 차세대 기술 비전 제시 | 삼성 디스플레이 뉴스 룸

Samsung's new foldable and UDC panels reveal an exciting future --SamMobile

The concept model of the three-fold OLED display 'S-Foldable OLED panel' announced by Samsung Display looks like this. The hinges are mounted in two places, and you can fold it in three like folding a futon. Samsung is a news site SamMobile According to the screen size at the time of development of the 'S-Foldable OLED panel' is that of a maximum 7.2 inches.

'I've been using the Galaxy Fold for months, but the feel of the hinges hasn't changed since I got it,' said

ExtremeTech, a tech media, praising Samsung's foldable display for its strength. -The Foldable OLED panel has two hinges, which can be expensive. '

Samsung Display has announced many concept models other than the 'S-Foldable OLED panel'. Below is a sliding OLED display that allows you to slide the screen to expand the display area.

In addition, a large foldable OLED display with a maximum screen size of 17 inches was announced. 'The announcement of a large foldable display may be a sign of Samsung's foldable tablet,' said SamMobile. The maximum screen size of the Galaxy Fold is 7.3 inches, and the maximum screen size of the

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G that appeared in 2020 is 7.6 inches.

In addition, a display that can mount a camera inside the display area has also been announced.

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