Apple plans to release three models for iPhone 10th anniversary in 2017


In 2017, which is the tenth year since the first iPhone announcement,Apple is preparing a premium model to commemorate the iPhone 10th anniversaryAlthough it has been reported frequently as "Bloomberg"Apple has prepared the widest lineup so far," he said.

Apple Readies iPhone Overhaul for Smartphone's 10th Anniversary - Bloomberg

According to the information Bloomberg got from people familiar with Apple, in addition to the two models upgraded to 4.7 inch iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus, in addition to commemorating the iPhone 10th anniversary We will release Apple in total in 2017 as a total of three new models that we did.

Speaking of iPhone is the most important product of Apple's product group, it seems that it accounts for about two-thirds of current Apple sales. In addition, the iPhone is a product that also leads to the purchase of other Apple devices such as iPad and Apple Watch, which also leads to highly profitable services such as the App Store, which is exactly the lifeblood of Apple. The iPhone lineup that appeared in the milestone year that will be the tenth anniversary since the advent of iPhone has been extremely noteworthy and also has not changed the design of the iPhone whose design has been greatly changed in the past two years in 2016 That's why Apple could be prepared for a major reform at the tenth anniversary.

According to sources, the premium model of the 10th anniversary is scheduled to be all screens in front, iPhone 7 size can feel a slightly larger display size than the iPhone 7 Plus. Furthermore, we will completely eliminate the home buttons that have been there so far and use the software to reproduce the home button in the screen. With this, it is possible to increase the size of the display without increasing the size of the iPhone.

In addition, the premium model iPhone adopts a more pretty coloring organic EL display, and the two models which become the upgraded version of the conventional model adopt the liquid crystal display, the information source talks. The design of the new iPhone is still fluent, it seems to be in a stage where it can be changed.

The premium model under design is already in the process of testing multiple prototypes with manufacturing partners in Asia, and it seems that models using curved glass and stainless steel also existed. Perhaps the prototype design of the iPhone 8 that leaked a few days ago may be a prototype that entered the test phase.

Prototype design drawing of "iPhone 8" leaks, predicted rendering image of the next iPhone that became a very small bezel - GIGAZINE

The prototype of the premium model seems to have a model with curved glass both on the front and the back. The curved surface of the glass is very similar to the front glass of the iPhone 7, and it seems that there is a steel frame between the glasses. "Glass front and back" is a design of a concept similar to iPhone 4 which appeared in 2010. Besides, he seems to be testing the prototype of the back of the glass with a stronger curved surface like the design of the original iPhone that appeared in 2007. Apple's suppliers had been struggling to mass produce curved glass so far, "Apple is likely to adopt a more gradual curved glass," Bloomberg said. In addition, as with iPhone 7, it seems that a simple prototype with the back side of aluminum material was also tested.

Samsung is planning to offer an organic EL display adopted for the premium model, and other suppliers are not ready to mass produce. An information source commented that "Apple has ordered Samsung about 100 million panels."

Also, Apple plans to integrate the Touch ID of the fingerprint sensor with the screen. However, the source says "This is technically very difficult," and it is unknown at the moment what the final version of the product will be. Samsung also seems to have challenged similar challenges at Galaxy S8, but finally the fingerprint sensor is mounted on the back. Touch ID deals with Apple related informationMac Rumors"Apple may be obliged to completely eliminate the fingerprint sensor (from the premium model),"ReportAnd the same Apple related media9to 5Mac"A new problem arises in terms of convenience and security" (if Apple abolishes Touch ID), a negative comment is left.

In addition to these, the premium model is also working on improving the camera, not planning a dual camera extending horizontally like the iPhone 7 Plus, but planning a dual camera extending in the vertical direction. Also, Apple seems to be able to adopt a dual lens for the front camera. Also, "Apple is considering adding augmented reality (AR) based features and extended depth of field capabilities to iPhone cameras"informationThere is also.

Both SoCs that are the core of the new 3 models are expected to be manufactured in a 10 nm process, and this is progressing from the 16 nm process used for the A 10 mounted on the iPhone 7.

Although it is a premium model of the iPhone which is expected to appear, Bloomberg reports that there is a high possibility that supply restrictions will come out and that many users will not be available unless one or two months have elapsed since autumn is released I will.

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