Sonic the Hedgehog self-made gamer 8 bit, reviving at Atari 2600 working

The performance of domestic game machines that began to evolve rapidly since the 1980s dramatically improved, especiallyGraphic evolutionThere are striking things. By the evolution of computers, in 1991Mega driveIt was released as a game ofSonic the hedgehogToIt can be reproduced with 3DCG of first person viewpointAlthough it was in the era, it goes against this trend, it was released in 1977Atari 2600There is a self-made gamer advancing the attempt to reproduce on above.

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Atari 2600 - YouTube

The first stage, "HILL ZONE" is the start. Apparently not a mega drive versionGame gearIt seems that the version is based.

His name isZippy the Porcupine(Zippy the Yamaharashi). It is said that it is not "Sonic" or "Hedgehog" even if wrong ... ...

As you go through the stage, the familiar ring. Let's get it.

This is a familiar loop! Speaking of clearing this guy ......

It is a spin dash. Where did the feeling of speed go ...?

Then the emergence of crab-type enemies "crabs".

Hit judgmentThe treatment of it is sweet, and it is charming to get into the wall.

I fell into a groove and died.

I reworked and restarted. I will go on a rain with a spin dash.

Go through the last checkpoint on the stage ......

Stage clear!

As long as life is gone, it's definitely a game over.

It is currently in the form of only one stage, so that the sequel is also under construction. Also, in the above movie, only sound effects were made, but those that reproduced the BGM with 8 bits are also released on YouTube. By the way, this original BGM songDREAMS COME TRUEof"Base person"Masato NakamuraIt is composition by Mr..

Sonic the Hedgehog Atari 2600 OST - Green Hill Zone - YouTube

Simultaneously playing this movie and the movie at the top of the page makes you immerse yourself in the illusion that you are just playing in the game. I guess many people loose the lacrimal glands in spite of this rectangular wave and the noise of the noise source.

By the way, this game is created by members of Forum AtariAge gathering fans of Atari company games, is a BASIC language for Atari 2600 for programmingBatari BasicIt seems that it is used.

AtariAge Forums

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【Nintendo Gran Turismo NES Version 【Moon Over The Castle】 - YouTube

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