The French government also started investigating "iPhone performance degradation problem"

In December 2017, on a bulletin board, community site, etc., there was a report that "operation of the terminal got lighter when the old iPhone battery is replaced"One after another. Then, from the statistical data released by the benchmark software, AppleI have dropped the performance of the old iPhoneIt became clear that Apple also did thisI officially admit it. About the "performance degradation problem of iPhone" such that the French government has also begun to investigate has become clear from the press.

French prosecutor launches probe into Apple planned obsolescence: judicial source

French government investigates planned obsolescence allegations amidst iPhone slowdown controversy

The French government said about "iPhone's performance degradation problem", the fraud investigating agencyCompetition, consumption and fraud prevention supervision(DGCCRF) to have its own investigation, Reuters reports. According to the information Reuters obtained from justice sources, this survey seems to be based on the complaint filed by the consumer organization Halte l'Obsolescence Program (HOP).

HOP released Apple in DecemberAppeal, And its aim is "to protect customers and the environment from old iPhones that are intentionally waste by Apple". In France it is illegal to intentionally shorten the lifespan of a terminal, so "Apple may be subject to a fine or the like," appleinsider reports.

Apple officially acknowledged that it is degrading the performance of the old iPhone in December 2017 and since that time around the worldLawsuitI am facing. Some plaintiffs seek huge payments of over 100 trillion yen.

Apple dropped the performance of the old iPhone intentionally is required to pay a 100 trillion yen more than in the class action lawsuit - GIGAZINE

People litigating against Apple uniformly claim that "Apple is degrading the performance to make consumers purchase new iPhones," Apple said that a battery-degraded iPhone could I have commented that the iPhone's peak performance is intentionally dropped at the timing of iOS update in order to avoid causing unexpected shutdown and prolong battery life.

Apple also officially apologizes for "iPhone performance degradation problem" and announces that it will discount the battery replacement cost by over 60%. The reduced battery replacement cost in Japan is 3200 yen, excluding tax.

Apple officially apologizes for the old iPhone performance degradation problem and announces that it will discount more than 60% battery replacement cost - GIGAZINE

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