BALMUDA The Curry "which is easy to enjoy the taste of" Delhi ", a pioneer of authentic Indian curry which is said to be" narcotic "and is addictive, was actually made and tried to eat

"It's rather drinking rather than food, it's because of too much stimulation that it's almost impossible to taste slowly,"Was mentionedSometimes, it is a pioneering curry restaurant in authentic Indian curry restaurantDelhi, But a design household appliance manufacturerBALMUDAAnd curry sauce "BALMUDA The Curry"We jointly developed. People who ate for the first time with too much spicy are surprised, but as they have caused poisoning symptoms, they want to eat again "Kashmiri curryIt was about time that everyone could easily reproduce the taste of Delhi that produced "Delicatessen", and osechi and yuzen are about to get bored soon, so actually making "curry" using "BALMUDA The Curry" I tried.

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The package of "BALMUDA The Curry" is a simple design. The taste is written as dry.

The main body of "BALMUDA The Curry" is a curry sauce with no ingredients in it, as I looked at the reverse side, there was an easy recipe written just by stirring chicken thigh meat and potatoes.

The content amount is 350 g, and it is two people for one bag. Raw materials include onions, carrots, chicken consomme and mango puree, and almost no additives such as fragrances and preservatives are included.

Since calories are 39 kcal per 100 g, it is about 137 kcal per bag.

The lid was stopped with a paper tape with a luxurious feeling that contained the Delhi logo.

The contents of the package was a retort pouch with curry sauce and a recipe book.

In the recipe book, the basic recipe that was written behind the package was published along with a rough procedure and photograph. The cooking time is 30 minutes.

Why is BALMUDA, home appliance maker originally offering curry? The answer to the question of being on the back of the recipe book was written. Rice cooker from BALMUDA "BALMUDA The Gohan"This is" BALMUDA The Curry "that developed curry according to the cooked rice with Delhi of a well-established curry restaurant. The details of the process leading up to developmentOfficial siteIt is also marked.

So I will actually make this basic recipe. Besides "BALMUDA The Curry", we prepare 250 g of chicken thigh meat and 1 potatoes, curry powder.

First of all, curry powder and pepper and salt and salt are thrown into the chicken thigh meat, lightly soaking it in to give a spice.

I pulled oil in a heated pan ... ...

Bake chicken thigh with flavored cream from the eyes, put a baking color and let it pass through the inside.

Meanwhile, I will boil down the potatoes that I washed and drained the soil for about 15 minutes. Potato varieties chose make-in to prevent boil-off as much as possible.

The following images were peeled potatoes boiled and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Once ingredients are ready, open the retort pouch to heat the curry sauce in a pot.

As soon as you open the retort pouch, there is a scent of spice. Before opening, I imagined a thick brown curry roux, but the actual appearance is somewhat reddish with a little reddish soup.

I will introduce ingredients that I had prepared previously and put it on fire. In the recipe book "Since you will fly the scent of spice, you should be careful as it scatters," please warm up until it boils, weaken the fire and cook slowly over low heat.

As it is cooked, you can see that grease floats little by little from chicken thighs.

To simmer, boil it for about 15 minutes with a low heat, and serve it in the vessel. Unfortunately there was no "BALMUDA The Gohan", so we are struggling to cook rice cooked with a rice cooker normally used by the editorial department.

It is completed in about 40 minutes from the start of cooking.

Actually food. Because Apple sauce and yellow peach etc are contained in the first place, the sweetness of fruits, the complex scent of spice and the umami and richness of chicken were felt firmly "It was written as that? Dry but it is painfully surprising In the midst of a while I thought that "Is not there?" Spicyness comes over a little late. For people who are not good at hot things, it is a little hot pepper's spicy. However, there is a mysterious charm that you will not eat till it will remain in your mouth forever, but with a good aftertaste that draws quickly, you will end up eating a bit more. Also, because the curry is seriously concerned, I often get involved with rice.

I tried potatoes together to make the spicy a little mild. Potatoes are cooked in curry sauce and only boiled for about 15 to 20 minutes, so the curry taste is not so impregnated so much at the freshly made stage. Thanks to that, I was able to rest my mouth much better.

When actually making and eating it, it was a luxurious curry with exoticism full of foreign feelings, unlike "curry rice" which is common even as home cooking in Japan. Even from the editorial staff who tasted them together, there were voices saying, "It is very painful, but full flavor like curry to eat at Indian restaurant." When trying to make a full-fledged curry which is actually served at a restaurant, stir-frying and stir-frying spicy thoroughly will take a considerable time for cooking. However, since onions and spices are already cooked and blended in this curry sauce of "BALMUDA The Curry", you can make curry with sufficient level simply by stirring ingredients and simmering with sauce. Because cooking is not handy, it is a great merit that people who are unfamiliar with cuisine can enjoy it in a short time.

The price of "BALMUDA The Curry" is 810 yen including tax, it is available from official website. It is also handled by and it can be obtained from the following link.

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