A case in which completely unrelated people were shot dead by police officers due to the conflict between on-game players occurred, what happened?


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One of the popular FPS `` Call of Duty (Call of Duty) '' started playing two online players betting $ 1.5 (about 170 yen), a malicious prank called `` swatting '' Someone did the act and eventually a 28-year-old man living in Kansas was shot dead by police officers.

Man killed by police; online gaming community blames 'swatting' | The Wichita Eagle

Call of Duty player's swatting prank results in deadly police shooting of Kansas man-The Verge

The case was first reported by the Kansas local media, The Wichita Eagle . According to reports, a man accidentally shot dead by police is a victim of 'swatting' involving two gamers.

Swatting is the use of emergency numbers such as telephone numbers to dispatch police officers and SWATs to persons who are subject to pranks. Swatting was originally initiated by harassment on the Internet, and in the past, a 17-year-old boy was charged with as many as 40 charges of swatting.

The grudge of the net is cleared by SWAT, what is the terrible way of swatting a 17-year-old boy targeting female gamers? -GIGAZINE

In some cases, a man targeted for swatting enters the SWAT unit while broadcasting a live game, and this can be seen on YouTube. About 15 seconds of the movie, I noticed something strange around me, SWAT rushed in about 40 seconds, and I was recorded firmly until I raised my hands with my hands.

The Creatures (Kootra) got SWAT Raided (SWATTED) # FreeKootra2014-YouTube

According to Wichita Police Department Deputy Director Troy Livingston, who spoke of the incident in Wichita, Kans. Shooting and killing his mother and brothers and sisters in hostages. '

After receiving the report, Wichita police went to McCormick Hospital 1,000 blocks away and warned him to prepare for a hostage situation. In addition, about the situation when the shot was fired, Livingstone's deputy director said, `` When the man came to the entrance, one of the police officers shot with a handgun, '' and soon after confirming the identity of the man who appeared at the entrance. , It was revealed that a handgun was fired. According to Wichita police, the police officer who fired the pistol has not been fired at the moment, and it is in the stage of continuing investigation into the case. The shot man was then transported to McCormick Hospital, where he died.

More recently, it was identified that the man's family died was a man named Andrew Finch. In addition, according to Finch's cousin, 'Finch did not play video games', and there is a mystery to why Finch has become a target for swapping.


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The Wichita Eagle reports that several Twitter accounts have testified that 'swatting was the result of a discord between two Call of Duty players.' Furthermore, two exchanges on the already deleted Twitter accounts showed that the two who had been playing online with a small bet of $ 1.55 quarreled over the disapproval of the outcome. It seems that he was able to see what he was doing. At that time, one player gave a false address (the address of the victim Andrew Finch) different from his own address, and the other player sent the police to Finch's home by swapping. Has been seen.

A player who seems to have swatted on Twitter, saying, 'The house I've swatted is the news.' This tweet has already been deleted.

He also tweeted, 'I'm not firing a gun or a SWAT member, so I'm not killing anyone.'

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Arrested a person who made a false report in a case where a third party who had nothing to do with the game's quarrel was shot dead by police, but the suspect may still exist-GIGAZINE

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