An 18-year-old hacker is arrested for suspecting DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live

ByDennis Skley

Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live to 2014Large scale disability at Christmas timeOccurred. Lizard Squad, a hacker group's "Lizard Squad", posted a tweet that appears to be a criminal statement on Twitter, was seen as the perpetrator Lizard Squad failed, but an 18-year-old hacker, one of the group's members in the UK, It turned out that he was arrested for suspecting a DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox Live.

Man arrested for 'swatting' and denial of service offences - South East Regional Organized Crime Unit SEROCU

Police Arrest UK Man In Connection With PSN and Xbox Live Hacks - GameSpot

British enforcement agenciesSouth East Regional Organized Crime Unit(SEROCU) under the cooperation of FBI, unauthorized access to an 18-year-old man living in the UK Merseyside Southport StateSwattingArrested on charges of (Swatting). A large amount of electronic equipment such as PC was confiscated from the man's home.

ByDennis Skley

Swatting, which is one of the suspicions that men are wearing, is a malicious act of notifying the lie of an urgent case and activating the SWAT troops, as beforeSWAT enters home during online gameThen, there is an incident that the situation is relayed by streaming. In America, the number of damage caused by swatting tends to increase year by year, and it seems that it is progressing to social problems.

For an example of swatting, you can check details from the following article.

Incident occurred when the FPS game was played in the live situation when it came into the SWAT unit - GIGAZINE

The unauthorized access of another suspected arrest is about one incident where PSN and Xbox Live caused network impairment due to DDoS attack at the end of 2014. A man arrested is suspected to be a member of Lizard Squad who tweeted a crime statement after the incident.

Craig Jones of SEROCU talked about the result of the cooperation of the British enforcement agency and the FBI in cooperation with the British enforcement agency, "This investigation will be a precedent for the cyber crime being able to be caught by the cross-border collaboration of enforcement agencies." did. Men seemed to have had essential cooperation across borders since they were engaged in cyber attacks against the domestic services and individuals from the UK where they live.

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According to Mr. Jones, this arrest alone will not end and investigations against Lizard Squad will continue, and expectations will be taken for the same group to be caught.

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