The resentment of the net clears up with SWAT exercise, what is the horrible criminal approach of swatting that a 17 - year - old boy targeted female gamers?

ByMatthias Weinberger

SwattingIs a malicious act of notifying the lie of an incident requiring urgency, causing the police and SWAT troops to fire, SWAT troops rush into their homes during the online game, the state will be relayed on the InternetIncidentThere was also something happening. ThatThere were 40 charges for swatting and charged.A 17 - year - old boy fully appreciated 23 out of all allegations, and the details and motivation of the terrible crime was revealed.

Coquitlam teen admits to swatting

Teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of swatting, harassing online game rivals | Ars Technica

Canadian news mediaTri-City NewsAccording to the report, a 17-year-old boy who lived in Coquitlam, British Columbia, took place on May 15, 2015hearingWe fully appreciate the charges of 23 cases that were prosecuted, and details of the crime prevailing method and motive were revealed.

It is the female game player that the boy mainly targeted the crime. online game"League of Legends(LoL) ", the boy applied for a friend to the female player who interrupted the Internet connection of the player who declined the application, and personal information is disclosed on the Internet. Furthermore, they call a mischievous phone in the middle of the night, or let the police depart to the victim's house by reporting a lie. The report to the police often said that "I have a napalm bullet and my family is hosting a hostage" and "I committed a murder", sometimes I requested the police for a ransom.

BySergey Galyonkin

Among the sins admitted by boys, it is particularly frightening to the students of Arizona University. On 16th September 2014, the boy reported to the police, "I killed my parents with a rifle, I have a bomb," and I took swat troops to the girls 'student' s home in Arizona University who declined to apply for a friend. Five days after the incident, we aimed at the time when her mother came to the girls' student house, and we switched the police and the helicopter to the sweeters of the girls' parents' house this time. The boy is posting an article covered about the incident on Twitter and he said he was proud of the incident he committed himself.

After that, I did not know that the behavior of the boy to the female student stayed, and in October I sent a message to the female student that "Your parent's credit card information was released on the Internet". Furthermore, although contents are not revealed, it turned out that the fact that we sent 218 SMS messages to girls students.

ByIvan David Gomez Arce

In December of the same year, I hacked a mail account and a Twitter account of a female college student and tweeted the social insurance number of the girl student's family. Besides this, female students who received delivered pizza, applied for a phone line contract without permission, or received all kinds of harassment have been driven to the point of leaving the university.

The boy was arrested on December 7, 2014, but after a couple of days of arrest he delivered live streaming over 8 hours on the Internet and broadcasted the swatting record he had done so far. During the live broadcasting, the hacker group "Lizard SquadIt is also clear that he was a member of a member.

You can check the raw distribution that the boy swatted from the following movie.

Obnoxious, Lizard Squad, Swatting, DDos, FULL live stream - YouTube

The boy was engaged in a similar way to Twitter users as well as LoL. As a result of repeated swatting acts, Canadian local police, who were investigating swapping incidents in September and October, arrested the boy as a suspect.

In a hearing where a juvenile admitted guilty on 23 charges, the prosecutor appealed to the judge that "the act of the juvenile had a major influence on the life of the victim", the judge ordered the juvenile a second mental appraisal It was. The next hearing is scheduled to be held on June 29.

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