A similar preliminary examination was found for stakeholders who were charged with irrelevant people erroneously shot dead in SWAT by false reports, and if they are guilty, to live a whole life in prison

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An argument in online games triggered a false report to inform the opponent's house of special forcesSWATA swatching swatting nestling was done, which resulted in the incident that an unrelated 28 year old young man living in Wichita, Kansas, was shot dead. A man who made a false report has already been arrested and prosecuted, but gamers who were directly involved in the trouble were prosecuted as instructing the man to report false.

Deadly swatting case in Kansas shares link with Cincinnati incident

18-year-old Casey Winner living in Cincinnati, Ohio, was competing with gamers Shane Gaskill and a popular FPS game "Call of Duty" betting $ 1.5 (about 160 yen). Their betting triggered a severe quarrel and Vinar asked Tyler Ray Balis in Los Angeles, California to listen to Gaskill's address and perform swatting. However, because the address Gaskil taught was an old address where he previously lived, an incident occurred in which a totally unrelated Andrew Finch living in that address was shot dead by SWAT rushed to.

An accident occurred in which a completely unrelated person was shot dead by police officers from the on game players' conflict, what the hell happened? - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, Barris has already been arrested and prosecuted. Barris told the television station "I blew a bomb" in 2015False intimidationIn February 2017, he was imprisoned for two years and he was just released from California's prison.

Arresting a person who made a false report in a case where a third party was shot dead by the police at the outset with a game argument as the beginning, although suspects may still exist - GIGAZINE

Actually, on December 18, 2017, 10 days before Wichita's incident occurred, there was a case where SWAT was dispatched by "misdirected" at Cincinnati, Ohio. The misdirections in Cincinnati closely resemble those of Wichita, the contents, words and voices, and the house surrounded by SWAT in Cincinnati is also the home whom Viner had previously lived, and the case of Cincinnati It is said that the investigation is being carried out as if the vina is also involved.

Father has not arrested Hamilton County Sheriff Ohio Viner yet, but the Kansas federal prosecution office has prosecuted 10 violators on charges including Cincinnati and Wichita incident. If the trial is convicted for every 10 cases, Vinar spends most of his life in prison and a fine of 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) It is supposed to have to pay.


In the State of Kansas, under the Wichita incident of this time, a state bill to felt the swatting was felt was passed in April 2018. If this anti-swatting method is approved by the Governor of Kansas, those who carried out swatting acts involving death or injury will be imposed on imprisonment for 10 to 41 years.

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