An American woman says "sushi is life" a movie about memories of sushi training

It is one of the most popular Japanese food in the worldsushi(Sushi). It is said that it takes more than 10 years of practice period to become a sushi chef who cooks the sushi. A movie introducing how young American women practicing as "APPRENTICE (apprentice)" under Japanese sushi craftsmen to become sushi craftsmenHow To Become A Sushi Chef(How to be a sushi craftsman) "is a YouTube channel that sends content related to food around the worldEaterIt is published in.

How To Become A Sushi Chef - YouTube

Commentary and report in the movie are sushi craftsmen who are opening sushi shop in AmericaDavid BouhadanaWill show you.

In order to become a sushi craftsman, you usually go through a 10-year training course.

Initially it begins with "apprentice" which only looks like cleaning, and during that time it is not even allowed to touch the material of sushi.

However, a new era has already begun. This American woman, Oona Tempest, became a student to become a sushi craftworker under a Japanese sushi craftworker.

Tempest is this man, Toshio Oguma, a veteran sushi craftworker.

I run a sushi bar "Tanoshi" in New York.

Tanoshi has a store at York Avenue 10021 near New York's Central Park.

While eating Sushi held by apprentice Tempest, Mr. Bouhadana performs an interview with two teachers at the counter in a relaxed manner.

"I learned basic knowledge of sushi for about three years," Tempest, an apprentice, will look back on his experience of training.

"I learned how to manage the state of fish, how to judge, how to manage hygiene conditions, etc."

"When I was apprenticed, my master taught me knowledge on a continuous basis, my master often tells me that it is a competition and a dialogue with myself in the past"

Next, I will look back on just after Mr. Oguma started training. "When I asked her for the first time, I already taught basic skills related to fish, so I taught not to repeat what I know."

Following that, Bouhadana who is interviewing talks about his experience of sushi training.

"I also have experience of practicing sushi craftsmen from apprenticeship"

"I first got into the store as a waiter and entered the shop.When I entered the training I was asked by my master of my work" Are you experienced holding a knife? "

"I have lied a lie even though I have never experienced" There is "in my life."

Even then, Tempest holds sushi with brilliant handling, and the interview continues.

Bouhadana will ask you a question. "Is not life a life to grab sushi?"

"Yes, it is life, I can not convert it to money," Tempest answers.

Mr. Oguma, the master watching behind, adds "religion (faith), exactly this is the answer".

Bouhadana returns "smiley" while smiling with a face.

After that, Tempest will continue to grab the sushi and answer the interview.

I will answer the reason why Tempest chose to master the apprentice. "I think that the reason why I started this training is my" humanity "."

"It's about" what's putting weight on things "of things, I did not ask for money, only asked for knowledge"

"And that way of thinking has become one of the reasons my teacher was supposed to teach me sushi."

After that, Mr. Bouhadana who is interviewing talks about bitter memories of the practice era. "I have a small trauma while I am 18 years old sushi training"

"A customer came to the store and saw me ... ...."

"I said," I do not want to eat the sushi he grabbed. "

Listening to it, Oguma, the master, talks about the experience that happened at this store. "Once, a tough customer has ever visited this store"

"When Tempest grasps sushi, the customer said," I can not eat the food made by a women's sushi craftsman "

"But I said" Is it a woman or a man? "

"I instructed her to make sushi"

"She is a fine artisan"

"And I answered," If you do not want to eat the sushi that you gave, I will not prepare another sushi and go home. "

"If not, I will not let her grab sushi," Oguma, the master, says as a matter of course.

Tempest of the apprentice talks joyfully. "People can demonstrate more power by knowing that someone is building confidence in themselves."

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