Arrested three underage who uploaded a woman raped movie to YouTube

Two 16 - year - old boys and a 14 - year - old boy were caught as raping a woman with medicine and uploading a movie that shot the situation to YouTube. I will lose words to this devil's job ....

Details are as follows.
The incident occurred in England, as a 25-year-old victim was discovered as having been given to the police last week. The Metropolitan police station sex crime team took the investigation and identified two 16 - year - old boys and a 14 - year - old boy as the suspect.

According to the survey, three boys and others repeated assault for 14 hours after letting the affected women take medicine that caused loss of consciousness, and uploaded a movie of about 3 minutes that recorded this action on YouTube. In the movie, it seems that the 4 year old son and the 2 year old daughter are crying behind the inoperable victim.

The original article is below.
Drug rape video | Posted on YouTube | Three teenagers quizzed | The Sun | HomePage | News

Additional notes:There was a follow - up report of this news on April 4th.

Discovered that YouTube's rape movies are false, arresting women of "victims" - GIGAZINE

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