I tried "a set meal and Japanese soup noodaki pot setting food" that combines old sake brewery sake cake and seafood soup that will continue from Meiji

As the end of the year is getting closer, there are a lot of people who pays work so this season, I want to eat it even in a pot so as not to be defeated by the cold. Appeared from Ootoya on December 26, 2017 (Monday)Plenty of vegetables and Japanese style juice sake baked pot set meal"I've been eating at a bite that it is a perfect dish set meal for plenty of winter with vegetables.

Plenty of vegetables and Japanese soup dish liquor set menu | Information on menu | Ootoya chan and rice.

Arrived at Ootoya.

In front of the shop there was a picture of 'Seta vegetables and Japanese sauce' s sake cake nabe set menu '.

"Plenty of vegetables and sake mackerel set dishes with Japanese soup stock" was offered in about 10 minutes after ordering. Even with the diameter of the shortest part, the pot which exceeds 20 cm is the size which occupies most of the tray, there is volume more than imagined.

Steam was rising vigorously at the time the pot was offered, and it was heated to the touch by the hands. The thick sake lees juice is slightly brownish, with green color of spinach and orange color of carrot accompanied with coloring. Juice of sake cake pot is Akita prefectureSaiya Sake StoreMade withSnow's houseWe have combined sake cake and Japanese soup stock from the brand of sake named "Japanese sake,So clause·A nuisance·Morning sunIt is said that the umami seafood is condensed.

I ordered rice for five-grain rice, which is compatible with "Sushi-rice dish set-meal with plenty of vegetables and Japanese soup".

The vegetables in the pot are carrot, long onion, spinach.

And it is Chinese cabbage and Shimeji.

Pork belly meat also has a strong presence.

Tofu is also contained in the pot, and about half of the vegetables which are said to be needed on the 1st can be eaten, and also a lot of protein can be ingested.

While vegetables leave a texture of texture called Shakijaki, fire has passed through firmly and it is becoming soft. In addition to the original sweetness of vegetables, umami with a rich flavor of seafood and rice cake has a rich flavor of sake lees.

The gentle salty taste of liquor cake juice complements the lean body made from pork belly, and the compatibility of pork belly and sake cake is preeminent.

Five-grain rice has a pleasant texture with bubble wrap, and sweet-tender grain matches sake maki pot.

In addition, "Soy sauce set dish of plenty vegetables and Japanese soup stock" is 588 kilocalories at 898 yen including tax, 335 kcal calories at 713 yen if it is a side dish. It is offered at Ootoya nationwide, for a limited time period from December 26, 2017 (Wednesday) through February 28, 2018 (Wednesday), 2018.

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