"The total physical ability is higher in women than men basically" is found out the research result


Although it is often thought that "Men are stronger and have higher physical abilities than women", from the perspective of overall physical exercise ability including the ability to take in oxygen during exercise, In fact, research results that women are better are clarified.

Sex differences in the oxygen delivery, extraction, and uptake during moderate-walking exercise transition - Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism

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This research result was announced by the research team of Waterloo University of Canada. In the verification experiment conducted by the same team, a total of 18 people were gathered, nine in each of men and women, with BMI at the same level indicating the degree of obesity of the body, and observed the state when walking on the treadmill I will.

Subjects took a simple warming-up and then got on a treadmill, walking while gradually increasing the speed, and raised the strength until reaching 80% of the maximum heart rate. At this time, the subject was wearing a mask for investigation, and the amount of inhaled oxygen and the amount of discharged carbon dioxide were measured.

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Professor Richard Hewson exercise physiology, a member of the research team and the author of the paper, explained about the purpose of this investigation, "To measure how quickly the oxygen uptake will increase when shifting from the rest state to the exercise state It is ". And what you can see from this is that if the body is not that strong, the body can not adapt so quickly to an increase in exercise intensity, and as a result it is judged that the strength is higher than it is, , And further states that the body will move to a state where it is not strong.

According to Mr. Houston, oxygen intake power is a guideline indicating the total exercise capacity of the body. And this ability says that women are better than men. According to the research conducted by the research team, the time taken to adapt to the increase in momentum was about 42 seconds for males, about 30 seconds for females. Numerically, women have about 30% more oxygen intake than men, and clearly superiority is shown to men from the viewpoint of efficiency of the body.

In addition, the research team has revealed that the body's ability to deliver oxygen to the body and deliver it to the tissues throughout the body is also superior to men, and from this point onwards, the body's reaction to the increase in exercise intensity It is high in relief. According to Mr. Houston, he says, "Men are slightly more powerful and faster to move than women, but this does not mean comprehensive physical ability is excellent."

According to Mr. Houston, the physical ability is indicated by the guidelines such as "maximum aerobic power", that being able to quickly adapt to changes in exercise intensity means that the physical ability and health are high. In the experiment of this time, verification was carried out with respect to general people, but the same team will conduct similar verification for elite-class athletes in the future, so that the difference between the male and female physical abilities The policy to proceed with research is shown.

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