You can pre-order apps on the App Store so that all developers can publish your app before release

On December 11, 2017, Apple has made all developers available "app reservation function" on the App Store. Regarding the application reservation order function in the App Store,iTunes ConnectIt is announced above.

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Apple now allows all developers to offer app pre-orders on App Store

The reservation order function, which is available to all developers on the App Store,Apple new product launchThe first Mario series smartphone game released at "Super marion run"Was adopted for the first time. The release date of Super Mario Run was December 2016,When the delivery date is fixedSo, an app appeared on the App Store and was able to "reserve" the installation of the application. When reserving an application, notification was sent to the terminal when distribution started.

This reservation function is to be offered to all developers. With this feature, developers will be able to publish applications on the App Store before the release date of the application, and users will be able to receive notifications on the release date by reserving the applications. In addition, if you pre-order paid apps, you will be charged before you start downloading the application.

To use the pre-order function, the release date of the application is "Within 90 days after 2 daysIt must be ". Also, it is a function that can only be used with newly registered app store application, and is not supported by existing applications. The way to make an app on the iTunes Connect written as a pre-order is as follows.

1.home pageClick "My App", select App, and select "Price and Delivery Status" in the left column. If you have never published an App to the App Store, the "Preorder Order" section will be displayed.

2. Select "Make Pre-Order Available", select the release date of the download of the App, and click "Save" in the upper right. The release date must be within 90 days after 2 days.

3.Please submit App for review.

4. Once App is approved and ready to enable pre-ordered, go back to "Price & Delivery Status", check the release date of App download and click "Release as pre-order" in the upper right .

It is also possible to update the application to the new version even during the pre-order period, change the price and distribution status. However, if the developer changes the price of the application during the reservation period, the user seems to be charged the price by the cheaper one of "price when pre-ordering" and "new price at the time of release".

Some developers may not feel the necessity to use the pre-order function, but by posting the application on the App Store from early on, it is possible to catch the eye of as many users as possible, The number is also an index to measure how many users use it when actually releasing it. In fact, when a game for a new smartphone is released, the maintenance of the server may continue without exceeding the number of expected users, and the game can not be played.

Please note that Apple also has an app reservation orderAbility to track dataAndTrial price for automatic renewal registrationAnd so on are now available.

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