Distribution of the Android version "Super Mario Run (SUPER MARIO RUN)" is decided in March, 2017, pre-registration is being accepted

Mario's first smartphone game that started distribution on December 16, 2016 in Japan time "Super marion run(SUPER MARIO RUN) ",According to previous notice, Android application release was decided. Distribution of Super Mario run of Android version is scheduled for March 2017, preregistration is under acceptance.

There is already a page of Super Mario Run in Google Play, and pre-registration is possible from here.

Super Mario Run - Android application on Google Play

No registration of e-mail address etc is necessary for pre-registration. If you register, notification will be sent to the Android terminal you use when the application is released.

This is the super marion run play movie seen on Google Play.

Super Mario Gameplay - YouTube

In addition, you can understand what game Super Mario run is by reading the following article.

Mario 's Super Mario Run (SUPER MARIO RUN), the first smartphone to start delivering on iOS, actually tried playing - GIGAZINE

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