Finally the first beta test winner of FF 14 announces from today, there is a chance even if it is not a draw

MMORPG scheduled to start service this year for PC and PS3 on December 17, 2009Recruitment of beta test participants for "FINAL FANTASY XIV (FINAL FANTASY 14)" startedFinally, it became clear that winners of the first beta test will be announced sequentially from today.

In addition, it seems that there is still a chance even for users who have not lost the lottery.

Details are as below.
Vana ★ Festival 2010 ~ 8th anniversary! All members aggregate

According to the event report of "Vana ★ Festival 2010 - 8th Anniversary! All Parties" held on February 28 at the official event officially recognized as "Final Fantasy XI (FF 11)", the beta test of FF 14 currently under development It seems that contact will be made in order from March 1st (Monday) today to users who have won.

And for the user who won the beta test, the tester site will be released on Thursday, March 11. Also, it is said that α test of FF 14 will be carried out for users playing FF 11 ahead of beta testing.

By the way, although it is a beta test of FF 14, according to the beta test application page below, starting from a small number of people, gradually increasing the number of participants and planning to continue until official service start, registered from the application site It seems that there are still more opportunities for users who have missed in the first lottery because they are supposed to contact the winners after selecting all the participants in multiple cases.

Final Fantasy XIV beta tester application site

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