Why is BitTorrent download hard to identify?

"BitTorrent"P2PIt is a protocol for file transfer using technology. Recently, using client software that uses the "BitTorrent" protocol, mainly free softwareOpen source softwareThere are many cases where distribution is done, but in addition to these, usage applications are spreading in a wide range of fields such as music and movie distribution. BitTorrent's technology is a revolutionary one, but in the past it was used for illegal downloads, bad images preceded and little known. Overseas MediaThe VergeI will explain the mechanism of BitTorrent in an easy-to-understand manner.

How torrenting works - YouTube

BitTorrent is one of the major means of file transfer.

According to a survey, BitTorrent occupies half of the Internet traffic.

For example, let's say "I'm looking for works by Shakespeare". First of all, it starts with downloading a torrent file.

To open the torrent file and download the work you need client software that can use "BitTorrent" like μTorrent or Transmission.

If Shakespeare 's work was scattered as a small piece all over the world, it is practically impossible to collect the pieces of cuts manually into a single file. However, by using a torrent file you can see the location of all fragments.

After downloading pieces of the work ......

Look for snippets of files that you share on BitTorrent's network and do not have yet.

To locate the fragment you need the tracking system specified by the torrent file.

The tracking system keeps track of who has which fragments and provides a blueprint for assembling files.

Actually, here is the breakthrough part of BitTorrent, there is only one server that provides files as a normal download, and if access is concentrated and popular, it can not withstand high loads and speed May decrease or it may go down. However, if the file is popular in BitTorrent, the person who downloaded the file becomes the server, and it gets bigger and bigger, so it gets faster than slowing down.

"But those who are watching this movie do not care about such things, right? If you tell me the truth, you should want to know if you do something a bit bad with BitTorrent," suddenly it misunderstood The Verge 's writer who speaks with a look like a look.

"It might have been caught if I was able to time slip in the era when using file sharing software like Napster and watch the file I had accurately watched."

"But if you try to do the same thing with popular torrents, you will have to chase after 10,000 people scattered around the world at once, although there are things that arrests will still be available, but the content owner already has it on BitTorrent It is extremely unlikely that the investigation will be handled if it stops publishing. "

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