When downloading a popular pirated file with BitTorrent, the authority records the IP address within 3 hours


When downloading pirated music, movies, e-books using the file sharing software BitTorrent, we found that the IP address of the downloader is recorded within 3 hours by the authorities.

One Per Cent: Honeytrap reveals mass monitoring of downloaders

This was discovered by Tom Chothia's Birmingham University research team in the UK and this week was held in Padua, ItalySECURECOMM 2012It was announced in. Tom Chothia seems to have discovered this by putting software on BitTorrent's client for three years and running the software. Although BitTorrent is a file transfer protocol that shares digital media files uploaded between clients, the research team mocked the fake server as if it were a file sharing person, but the file sharing was handled by authorities, security companies, It is understood that it is being monitored by government research institutions and so on.


"This monitoring activity was confirmed in the top 100 files shared by BitTorrent, which means that the authorities are only tracking content such as the most popular movies and music.If the popular file is illegal Most of the people who are sharing it are receiving connections by them and their IP addresses are recorded, "says Chothia and the research team.


The question is "What is it for?" On the assumption that the IP addresses of a huge number of people are recorded, but are you prepared for copyright infringement cases that may be done in the future? It is not clear whether its purpose is to measure the size of it and use it for the next response of the government. But Chothia says it may be inadequate as evidence for a lawsuit. "The monitor connected to those who are sharing illegal content, but did not collect the files that were actually shared, so whether the proof that you monitored the file sharing will be useful in court It is a questionable place. "

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