I tried playing with 'D poor' free software which can defeat "Millionaire" with abundant local rules

"Millionaire"(Large poor in some areas) is a classic game to play with cards, but it is also famous for the existence of many local rules. A free game of Windows that allows you to add such various local rules to AI opponent for such a millionaire "D poor peopleI played it.

D poor people

Is it the official site?"D poor people" page of the window ForestThen click on the button labeled "Download from Forest of Window".

When extracting the downloaded file, a file called "Dhin.exe" has been generated, so double click it to execute it.

You are now ready. It is a game that has been over 15 years since the last update, but it will work without problems.

The game screen looks something like this. The state of the card and the place in the battlefield are displayed in the center. From the upper left corner, "Kakumei", "Ileba", "Kaitan", "Jo Shibari", and the tying of each suite continues. The score points are also displayed in the lower right corner, and the points will change depending on how you put out the card and the ranking.

To put out a card, click on the card you want to put out and select it, then right click on the screen OK.

In addition to the usual settings such as "name" and "card pattern" in the setting ......

You can set various local rules. For example, the "natural disaster gap" is a rule that "If the large poor do not have more than 10 cards when dealing cards, exchange all the cards of the great poor and the millionaire".

You can choose from 1 to 3 jokers. In addition to "3 of spades" as a joker return, "three 3", "None" was in the choice.

On the "Special Card" tab, major items such as "Hakka" and "Eleven back", "7 passes" and "10 discards" were also prepared.

There was an item "There was a stairway" on the "Tying" tab, but this staircase was "one that was larger by 6 → 7 when one big figure was put into play, like" 5 → 6 " It seems that it is a kind of binding that you can only show numbers.

Numbers continuing three or more in the same suit were listed in the item by the name serial number. If you put a check in "Overlap", you will be able to put numbers on top of "567" like "678". Besides, the word "emperor" came out ... ...

"Emperor" seems to point to "four consecutive cards, soot is all different". The condition that the soot is completely different was surprisingly severe, and it did not appear quite easily.

For card exchange you can specify the card you want. For example, if you select "Joker" and press "select" ... ...

Unfortunately "I do not have it".

I will specify "2" instead.

I had "2".

To pass the card, select the card you want to pass and click "OK".

Also, since the point was that "I will get as many cards as possible when I go up" and I got a lot of 5 cards by serial number, but I tried going up.

Because it contained Joker, it became a foul, and I got a terrible negative point.

"D poor" does not correspond to online battle, but there are rude local rules, such as the rule that makes you miss "rules played with such rules" and the "surprising rule of whether there are such rules!?" Since it can be customized finely, there is no doubt that you can play "your favorite millionaire".

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