A startup that gathered funds with the virtual currency "Eliaryam" has escaped more than 42 million yen out of funds

An incident arises that suddenly the startup, which has just collected 374,000 dollars (about 42 million yen) of funds through the mechanism of the virtual currency "Etheramium", disappears suddenly.

An Ethereum Startup Just Vanished After People Invested $ 374K - Motherboard

The startup "Confido" in the midst of the incident was a company that just started a business with the aim of developing applications that enable payment and tracking of goods using block chain technology. Confido recruits funds using block chains to collect operating funds through the netInitial coin offeringWe implemented a campaign to invite investment from 6th November to 8th November 2017 using a method called ICO. The investor was given the "token" issued by Confido and was given the right to exchange it with the virtual currency "Esa" (the currency in Ethicalam) later.

But immediately after that on Sunday, November 12, Confido saidTwitter accountAnd furthermorewebsiteAlso closed. And in a short comment on Reddit's sub forum, "I can not continue the business because of legal problems"Postdoing. Also, the same commentMediumAlthough it was also posted, it was said that it was deleted immediately after that.

In the comment, "At present we are in a very tough situation with legal troubles caused by the contracts we signed. Although it seems possible to find a solution to rectify this situation We can not guarantee that the problem will be resolved 100%. " Mr. Joost van Doorn, founder of Confido, has not shown up on the net since this one caseLinkedIn accountIt is also in a state where you can not see.

Joost van Doorn | LinkedIn

The token given to the investor has become completely worthless in the current situation where the company has gone high. For the virtual currency forum "Bitcointalk" Confido threadI wrote a commentA user named cioloxl says, "It was totally fuzzy, I think it was a valuable tuition for me." In addition, the user named masternode seems to be somewhat settled as "a punch is bathed in the face of all the investors."commentdoing.

Site that carried out ICO instead of ConfidoTokenLotEli Lewitt, co-founder of Eli Lewitt, said: "We are now the only survivors that have been related to Confido on the net and many people are asking questions, Confido was a successful cheat group "We talk about the situation that many people and even TokenLot have been deceived.

The page where TokenLot implemented ICO is left intact. The word says "Confido is a highly reliable escrow payment solution using Smart Contract" that is somewhat embarrassed when it comes to the page is now empty.

Welcome to the Confido ICO | TokenLot

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