Big coin ATM fee is made free to expand business Robocoin

You can trade the virtual currency "bit coin" in cash in various parts of the worldInstallation of bit coin ATMHas been advanced,Landing in Japan in May 2014It has been told, the world set up bit coin ATM for the first timeRobocoinAnnounced that it will try to expand by eliminating the transaction fee collected from the terminal installer.

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Robocoin Offers Bitcoin ATM Operators 0% Fees for Life

In the trading of bit coins using Robocoin, 1% of the transaction amount was collected as a commission, but in this new plan, reducing the burden on the operator by reducing this commission to 0%, Robocoin It is aimed at increasing the number of installed units.

In the usual plan, we will pay $ 20,000 (about 2 million yen) for the introduction of the Robocoin body and continue paying the 1% commission, but in the plan called "Lifetime License" it is about $ 10,000 1 million yen) are added and subscribed, after that the commission will be exempted entirely.

"The goal of Robocoin is to expand bit coins globally," said Robocoin's goal is to expand and use bit coins with the lowest fee, based on compliance and security technology, global accessibility and operation We will raise our sex. " It is a bit coin in which discussions such as "whether it is a currency" are occurring with various confusion, but it is a place where attention is gathered whether bit coin ATM connecting the net and the real world advances. Applications for this plan have a due date until April 30, 2014.

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