The world's first Bitcoin compatible ATM "Robocoin" appears, virtual currencies advance into the real world

Virtual currency "Bitcoin(Bit coin) "can be purchased at a bit coin exchange (exchange office) such as Mt.Gox,CoinbaseIt was common to do via a bit coin wallet like, but finally ATM dedicated to bit coins "Robocoin"Has appeared.


Aside from anything, you can tell what machine the bit coin ATM "Robocoin (Robocoin)" is, by watching this movie in one shot.

Robocoin - YouTube

"Let's buy a bit coin with RoboCoin!" Editing

Tap "Buy Bitcoin".

Scratching the palm ... ...

Biometric authentication is completed. Tap "Next".

Specify the amount you want to buy. This time I will buy a bit coin for 40 dollars (about 3900 yen).

Tap "Next".

Tap "Generate Wallet".

Paper came out.

QR code is stated. If you register this QR code in various bit coin wallets which are the bit coin payment tool you are using, the mechanism that the purchased bit coin is transmitted there.

Put money in ATM ......

Tap "Finish".

Successful purchase of bit coins is completed.

Tap "Finish" to finish the operation.

Next, "Let's sell bit coins with RoboCoin!" Edited

Tap 'Sell Bitcoin'.

Biometric authentication with the palm of your hand.

Tap "Next".

Designate the amount you want to sell. This time I will sell a bit coin for 100 dollars (about 9800 yen).

The QR code was displayed and the paper came out.

Read the QR code on the bit coin wallet saving bit coins.

When you import the QR code, the destination wallet will be specified automatically.

Then tap "Redeem Ticket".

Biometric authentication.

Tap "Next".

Ticket code will be entered automatically.

Tap "Next".

By tapping "Withdraw", a bit coin wallet bit coin is cashed and the fee is deposited in the specified account.

The transaction statement came out.

Robocoin, which allows you to buy and sell bit coins with easy operation, is a bit coin store in Canada that sells bit coins at storesBitcoiniacs"It is said that the terminal has security equivalent to that used by the bank with the service which it was able to cooperate with. With the advent of Robocoin, it seems that bit coin and the real currency will be connected not only in the net space but also in the real world, and it can be said that it has become more familiar.

Bitcoin ATM "Robocoin" set up to change 100,000 dollars in one week - GIGAZINE

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