ATM "Robocoin" for Bitcoin set up found out that it exchanged 100,000 dollars in one week

On October 29, 2013, the world's first "Bitcoin(Bit coin) "ATM"Robocoin(RoboCoin) "appeared in Vancouver, Canada, it turned out that a bit coin exchange transaction of 100,000 CAD (approximately 9.46 million yen) was done in just one week after installation.

$ 100K traded through Vancouver's Bitcoin ATM in one week (with video)

ROBOCOIN, which can sell and buy bit coins with simple operation, is a bit coin store in Canada that sells bit coins at storesBitcoiniacs"It was set up at the cafe of Granville Island of Vancouver which is the knee of Bitcoiniacs with the service made by collaborating.

Chain · McKee of Bitcoin Vancouver explaining the success of Robo Coin Cafe.

According to the representative of Mitchell and Demetrar of Bitcoiniacs, robot coin was attracting attention from people who visited cafes since the establishment, as it was possible to exchange bit coins, virtual currency, from real world ATMs, It was said that it was used for a bit coin transaction of 100 thousand Canadian dollars in one week after installation.

People who line up with robocoins.

Mr. Demeter said that Robocoin's smooth start-up is not surprising at all. Demeter said, "Many people are interested in robot coins and there are an increasing number of people dealing in new bit coins.RoboCoin is to make the virtual currency bit coin" reality " People will witness something new on stage, "he said in the future to introduce the next generation bit coin machine in Toronto.

In addition, the market transaction price of bit coin, which was about 200 dollars (about 19,800 yen) at the time of the installation of RoboCoin, exceeded 400 dollars (about 37,600 yen) at the end of last week and set the highest ever value It was. The current bit coin price isHereIt is possible to check with.

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