Bitcoin updated its historic highs for the first time in three years, what is the market where the market is continuing to rise?

Virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)The price has reached the all-time highest value for the first time in about three years. In this background it is pointed out that bit coins are accepted as financial products in the United States and investors, mainly Wall Street, have taken the accelerator on bit coin transactions.

Bitcoin hits 3-year peak, nears record high on U.S. ETF approval talk | Reuters

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The transaction price of the bit coin at the time of writing the article was 1171 dollars per BTC (about 13,200 yen). This price exceeds the historical highest value of the bit coin price attached in November 2013, of $ 1165. Incidentally,Chart at coinmarketcap.comAccording to the report, the maximum today is about 1176 dollars (about 13,2700 yen).

Graph of the value of bit coin for 4 years is as follows. It was the largest exchange at that time after having added the highest ever value in November 2013Mt. Gox breakdownThe bubble collapsed by etc. After that, repeating the volatility again, in 2015 the trading quotation seemed to have stabilized at about $ 250 for 1 BTC. However, since the latter half of 2015, the bit coin price rose as a whole while repeating up and down, eventually renewing the highest historical value ever.

The background of the high value update of the bit coin this time is bit coin in the United StatesETFReuters points out that there is a movement to be approved as a product of the product. Listed mutual funds using bit coins (Bitcoin ETF) are applying for the proposal in 2014 by the famous Winklebos brothers who gave rise to a large settlement from Facebook and to approve the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) It was. SEC who has postponed the decision whether to approve the bit coin ETF again, but now that it is the end of March 2017 which is the final judgment deadline, since the information "It is apparently approved" has been transmitted, bit coin That is why it leads to buying movements.

If a bit coin ETF is officially approved, bit coins will be accepted as financial instruments, but bit coins are known for rough price movements beyond gold. Although the value range of bit coins at maximum 40% in 2013 has narrowed to 10% in the most recent year, there is still the possibility of unexpected price movements. It seems to hold a lot of bit coinsMovements in China are directly linked to the market value of bit coinsIt is also known to be.

Bit coin which can be compared to "gold of the digital world" because it itself does not produce value is bought as an escape place of the asset when the world economy is unstable like gold, the property that the market price rises There is. This movementAlso seen during BrexitBit coin prices are rising even as the stock market in the world including the United States rises in line with the birth of the US President Donald Trump, so bit coin is a mere asset evacuation place It is also pointed out that possibilities are beginning to increase the attractiveness as a financial product.

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