"Squat vending machine" which can get a subway ticket for free appears in Russia

As part of the promotion of the Sochi Olympic Games, which is scheduled to be held in February 2014,Moscow Subway, There are ticket vending machines that can get free tickets by squatting 30 times within 2 minutes.

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Moscow subway which a lot of people use

A new ticket vending machine is installed.

When spreading the sheet with the number written "30" in front of the vending machine, the completion of the "squat vending machine" is completed!

First of all my uncle challenged.

Each time you squat, the machine reads and counts up.

If successful, the ticket falls like this.

An old man who shows joy in hand with the ticket you got.

Children can also challenge.

I get tickets one after another.

This man challenges Russian style like Cossack dance style.

Types of squats, which combine hands behind, the way is different for each person.

The subway ticket costs 30 rubles each way (about 91 yen).

If you do 30 squats daily back and forth, it is not a dream to commute to work for free without buying a regular.

Squat vending machines are not only watching the Olympic Games but also campaigns that allow you to experience the body by moving the body and that anyone can challenge by going to the Moscow subway.

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