An interactive pedestrian crossing "Starling Crossing" that animates the pedestrian crossing and makes the road safe

A crosswalk for crossing the road is an important mechanism to realize safe transportation, but the basic mechanism has been almost unchanged since long ago. I made such a crosswalk interactive by changing the pattern of the road freely according to the circumstances,Starling CrossingIt is called a device called.

Starling Crossing - Umbrellium

Interactive crossing lights the way for pedestrian safety

Starling Crossing means "adaptive and responsive learning type crosswalk with adaptive and stigmasie" (changing according to the environment) in Japanese "Stigmergicadaptiveresponsivelearning CrossingWhat was named after aligning the initials of. It is a private research companyTransport Research Laboratory(TRL) is promoting development, and by embedding LEDs on a part of the road surface, it makes it possible to change multifunctional display according to the actual situation in real time.

Starling Crossing has a real prototype made in South London, and the movie contains the appearance that it is actually working.

Starling Crossing - overview on Vimeo

When there is a person crossing the road, a white striped pattern is displayed on the road surface. A stop line is displayed in front of the car. There is a stop area for the blue bicycle in front of the stop line, it has a European design.

When there are no people crossing, the display of the road surface changes with animation ......

Ultimately, it changed to a road surface with only a white line without a crosswalk.

This display analyzes images from the cameras attached to the surroundings with a computer learned by the neural network and automatically adjusts the display when a person who is likely to cross it appears. Since it is possible to change according to the actual situation, if it is not necessary, it can be made into a road with no crosswalk.

Conversely, it is also possible to widen the width of the pedestrian crossing in the time zone where the crossing person increases, and realize an efficient movement of people. Even if the road surface is wet, it seems that it is designed not to deteriorate visibility.

The display pattern of the road sign is like this. It is a red display pattern in the center that catches eyes, but this also has a meaningful design.

It is a warning when a person crossing while looking at a smartphone etc. is detected. Also, by displaying a warning even when the car and the crossing person are too close, we are calling attention to the crossers and the driver.

Furthermore, it is possible to display interactive display according to the actual situation, such as displaying oblique crosswalks according to the situation where people cross. It is still under research, but it is a device I'd like to see the real thing at once.

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