I have eaten "chilli chicken cheese melt" of unpredictable spicy from the appearance and scent on the subway

A sandwich with chicken wrapped in chili sauce using habanero and Gouda cheese from Holland "Chill Chicken Cheese Melt"Has appeared on the subway for a limited time period from November 1, 2017 to December 5, 2017. I went to the shop to see how much chili sauce using habanero was painful, I tried it.

Konchi × Spicy! Toast with meat and cheese together, delicious taste up Excellent response "Chilli Chicken Cheese Melt"
(PDF file)https://www.subway.co.jp/upload/press/Chillichickencheesemelt_CMP_20171101_HP.pdf

Arrived at the subway.

In the shop front posters of chili chicken cheese melt, which is a new product, had been pasted.

I will try to place an order immediately. "At the subway we use bread for sandwiches, moist moist texture"Flat Bread"Honey, oats, soybeans plus wheat germ bread"Honey Oriz"Topped with sesame seeds in plain pan"Sesame"Bread containing wheat germ"Wheat"Plain pan"whiteYou can choose from five types of breads, "Baked or not baked," even more.

In addition, the toppings vegetables can also be freely topped from six kinds of "lettuce" "tomato" "peppers" "onion" "pickles" "olives".

I'd like to try it in various combinations, but I can not eat it indeed, so I ordered a store clerk's recommendation. Clerk's recommendation was topping four kinds of "baked bread" in "white", vegetables "lettuce" "tomato" "pepper" "onion".

It looks like vegetables are occupying a large area, so it's like a sandwich with chicken sandwiched between fresh vegetables.

Although chicken is lightly red, there is no spicy smell peculiar to chili, only the smell of fresh vegetables is done.

Looking at the cut, it seems that it will not be painful just after a little red chicken is on top of the cheese.

When I try to eat with pakuri when there is no caution, I feel a bit of spicy bitterly chilling red pepper just after feeling the taste of vegetables and chicken. I think that this spicy is comfortable spreading slowly throughout the mouth, change to a bitter spicy. After that, a strong spirit spreads even more throughout the mouth, the face becomes like a state of heat, and sweat gradually starts to flow.

No way ... I thought that ... When I opened the gap between chicken and bread, I discovered that a large amount of red chili sauce mixed with habanero was applied. The fragrance of vegetables was overwhelmingly strong, and it was caught caught in a terrible trap that it can not predict hotness just by smell.

The only salvation is Dutch gouda cheese and topping vegetables. Gouda cheese is really cheese even spicy to eat the spicy chicken in creamy is me in place of the mild taste, vegetable toppings us forget only between the hotness of a little texture and moisture that was crisp. However, not all of the chicken is covered with cheese, but be sure to hit hard spots so please be careful if you are vulnerable to spicy food.

"Chilli chicken cheese melt" is not hopeless like hot taste like "tyrant habanero", so it is recommended for spicy parties when you want strong stimulus dishes. "Chilli chicken cheese melt" is on sale for 490 yen including tax for a limited time period from November 1, 2017 to December 5, 2017.

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