Hatsune Miku singing and dancing in the PC case, I tried actually watching the topic's homebrew PC

In addition to the finished goods that can be purchased at home appliance mass merchandisers and specialty shops, there are "homebrew PCs" that purchase parts separately and assemble themselves on PCs. The combination of parts is infinite, and there are people who hobbies PC's own work as a hobby. And, in the world of homebrew PC, we are not just pursuing specs but also devoting ourselves to decorationMOD PCThere is a style called. Among them, the following tweets became a topic.

This PC was assembled at off-party of self-made PC enthusiast, it was the one who designed and produced the majority including the part of the transmissive liquid crystalN'sSan. Also piping pipes of water-cooled pipes are collaboration works assembled with hands of self-made PC beginners.

Junker N's ​​atelier - Yahoo! ブ ロ グ

Such transparent Hatsune Miku liquid crystal PC is PC specialty shop located in Osaka · Nihonbashi until October 29, 2017PC wonzSo I actually saw it in the exhibition.

Arrived at PC One.

It was hard to see in the daytime, so I went to visit again after dark in the evening. The PC placed in the shop rack is the topic MOD PC. For protection, it is covered with racks with thick vinyl.

The inside of the PC is like a little live venue. Foreign visitors to the street also took a surprised voice and took out the smartphone and photographed it.

POP in front of PC with explanation. Transmitted liquid crystal PC of Hatsune Miku was exhibited in Osaka until October 29th (Sunday), and from November 1st to December 12th in TokyoOrio spec, From November 15th to 26thTsukumo 1st Nagoya storeIt will be on display at.

"It is devised so that it looks stereoscopically like a 3D hologram when viewed from the front as well as being simply transmitted," as if actually seen from the front, Hatsune Miku really existed there It is an illusion that I sing and dance in front of my eyes. You can check the situation of dancing with the following movie.

Like a 3D Miku Hatsune dancing in a PC case "MOD PC" - YouTube

Since reflections and shadows on the floor are set so as to describe the angles of the light sources, they are stereoscopically visible when they are superimposed on white lighted parts in the PC. Also designed inside the case to make it look like a stage. You can see from the diagonally that it is reflected on the 24 inch LCD panel on the side to the last.

The name of the participant is written on the water-cooled pipe through which the coolant flows, and it is conveyed that it is a PC assembled with everyone cooperating.

On the right side inside the PC is Hatsune Miku 's dancing space, but the left side is a PC part such as a motherboard. There is also a pump and a large number of tubes that send clear coolant.

At the feet of Hatsune Miku, the event name that assembled this MOD PC was inscribed.

When I entered the store of PC One's, my own PC which was decorated with steam punk style was also exhibited here. Although it is not a PC assembled at this event, it also uses transparent liquid crystal.

On the top of the PC case are two small plasma balls.

A frame is provided on the side, and 17-inch transparent liquid crystal is set in it. I am impressed that it is not only to incorporate transparent liquid crystal, but also designed to fit into the concept properly.

Although there is no idea that it looks like a solid in this transparent liquid crystal, the appearance of Hatsune Miku dancing in the picture frame on the side of the PC case is quite impressive. You can refer to the following movie.

Hatsune Miku dancing in transparent LCD of PC One's steam punk style original PC - YouTube

Since it is transparent liquid crystal, inside of the PC can be peeked in, but if you look closely it is the figure of Kimono of this ship that you spend tea time elegantly. Is it okay to put a figure in the PC? Although it was surprised, unlike the air-cooled type which needs to think about the way of air, it is possible to decorate it because it is a water-cooled type that cools with coolant flowing in the pipe.

Around the HDD tray and water cooling pump, race and flowers are treated, and I am amazed at the freedom of MOD PC again.

According to a store clerk of PC One's, the parts of the transmissive liquid crystal are diverted from the liquid crystal part of the junk monitor etc. Can you make things like this yourself! Although I do not think you would like to challenge MOD PC without thinking, it is difficult to handle transparent liquid crystal and piping pipes of water cooling pipe just by having only knowledge, and it is necessary to prepare for accumulation of some experience and failure again It seems.

Well, this timeTsukumo Namba storeWhat. These two PCs were made by the same off-association event same as the transparent LCD PC which was exhibited at the shop front. It was divided into two teams with Team Green Team Red, and we assembled a PC with each concept.

The team consisting of team green consists of Intel / NVIDIA concept.

The case has a green marble pattern painted very beautifully. Also on the side of the PC is a hilarious "NVIDIA GeForce GTX" logo. This logo itself is a double structure, it is a coolant reservoir (water storage device) and a waterway for cooling water. No way to make a logo mark itself a water-cooled pipe ... ....

Of course the graphics board is "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080".

The LED tape is illuminating the logo mark brightly.

On the other side of the "NVIDIA GeForce GTX" logo mark, a water cooling head that cools the CPU. The "intel" logo is shining.

There are two small LCD monitors under the logo mark.

This is Team Red's homebrew PC. It is based on AMD and RADEON concept. The case is painted in orange.

There was a hugeka and AMD logo on the front of the PC. Looking carefully it is doubled and it functions as a reservoir. Inside the yellow-green coolant is running down like a waterfall.

The structure of the reservoir like this waterfall is open to the general design and design by twitter.

Yellow green coolant goes through the water-cooled pipe around the PCRadeon RX Vega 64It leads to a water cooling head that cools the reference model.

As you follow the pipe, it also connects to the cooling head of the CPU. AMD CPU "RyzenThe logo was shining in the back of the water cooling pipe.

And in a corner of PC secretly the AMD logo was illuminated

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