Low-fat bacon is also possible with gene editing technology "CRISPR", researchers succeeded in reducing pigs to low fat

Genetic editing technology "CRISPR"The cost required for genome editing has been reduced by 99%, and the necessary time has also been shortened from one year to several weeks. Although CRISPR is a revolutionary technology that enables genetic editing to be conducted in laboratories around the world, ethical problems are also left. Meanwhile, a research team in China developed a pig that can use CRISPR to reduce breeding costs with low fat.

Reconstitution of UCP 1 using CRISPR / Cas 9 in the white adipose tissue of pigs decreases fat deposition and improves thermogenic capacity

CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs: The Salt: NPR

Low-Fat Bacon? Scientists Use CRISPR to Breed Petite Piglets

Research institutes in Beijing, ChinaInstitute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences(IOZ)The research team succeeded in making pigs with 24% lower body fat than usual. According to Jianguo Zhao who conducted the study, pigs genetically edited by CRISPR have better body temperature maintenance function than normal pigs, and can burn more fat.

Many mammals regulate body temperature in low temperature environment "UCP 1I have a gene called "genes". This time, the research team transplanted genetically-edited mouse UCP 1 into porcine cells, and produced 2553 or more cloned fetuses. And when we transplanted the fetus of pigs to 13 female pigs, 3 pigs got pregnant and gave birth to 12 piglets.

The taste of low-fat pigs is unknown at the time of article creation, but Zhao seems to believe that the taste of pigs does not change by genetic editing. Besides genetically edited low-fat pigs are demanded as goods, swine farmers are expected to be able to cut expenses for raising farms and fees.

R. Michael Roberts, who studies animal science at the University of Missouri Columbia, said, "This technology improves both the welfare of animals and the quality of products," he mentioned the importance of the thesis. However, as to whether or not pigs genetically edited in the United States and other countries will be distributed as meat,American Food and Drug Administration(FDA)We question whether including the question of whether approval of it will be obtained. The FDA has permitted the import of salmon genetically edited in the past, but it took decades for approval to go down. There was also a big opposition from groups preaching food safety.

On the other hand, in modern times where the future food crisis due to the population increase is concerned, the genetic editing approach will be a great help, said Associate Professor Chris Davies of Utah State University.


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