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ByHamza Butt

Twitter is just one year ago in September 2016,Photos, movies, GIFs, votes, etc. will not be counted as 140 charactersAs we changed the specification, we relaxed the character restriction of one tweeter 140 characters. And in September 2017, we reveal that we are currently conducting a test to extend the character limit per tweet to 280 characters.

Increase the number of tweets to make it easier to express

Attempts to extend Twitter's one-tweet character limit to 280 characters have been tested by some users. Serve as Product Manager for Twitter as to why to expand character restrictionsAliza RosenSays, "When we tweet in English, we will soon reach the upper limit of 140 characters so we have to edit the tweets to fit within the limited number of characters. I will give up trying to delete the words that I express or tweet.If my colleague Iku tweets in Japanese this kind of thing does not seem to happen.Even if I write the thought I want to tell you still have plenty of margin This is because in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean it is possible to convey double the amount of information compared to other languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French etc. "

The following graph shows the number of characters in the tweet and their proportions. The horizontal axis shows the number of characters of the tweet, and the vertical axis shows what% of all tweets are occupied. Looking at the graph, the most tweets in Japanese are the twenty-five characters in tweets, while the tweets in English are the most tweets with 140 characters, the proportion is 9%. As you can see from this graph, it is clear that the character restriction of 140 characters is a big hindrance in tweets in English.

According to Twitter, in the case of a language such as Japanese that does not feel so stressful with the limit of 140 characters, there are more tweets than other languages. So Twitter decided to test to extend the character limit to 280 characters. However, it seems that it is not decided that the character restriction will be expanded to 280 characters even in actual Twitter even during the test, and it is thought whether the specification change will be done finally based on the test result and feedback It seems to be done.

It actually looks like this when comparing tweets of 140 characters and tweets of 280 characters. Aliza Rosen's Twitter account@alizarThe tweet of it is 140 characters on the left and 280 characters on the right.

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