Finally Twitter expands character limit to 280 characters

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Twitter, which can be regarded as one of aesthetics as "to fit everything into 140 letters" finally changed the upper limit of the number of characters to 280 characters. Although this intention is put in the intention to be able to transmit more information with one tweet, Japanese, Chinese, Korean are excluded.

We extend the number of characters restricted to languages ​​other than Japanese, Chinese and Korean to 280 characters

In a blog posted on November 7, 2017, Twitter announced that it would change the number of characters per tweet from the previous 140 characters to 280 characters. This change was made for Several users from September 2017 and it is said that it was able to achieve more expressions while keeping the speed and simplicity of Twitter formal It is supposed to release to.

The 140 character limitation is a characteristic of Twitter with "belief" as a belief, it was both a strength and a disadvantage, but there was a big disadvantage especially in languages ​​using alphabetical letters . That is, "the amount of information included in one tweet is less than Japanese etc." The following screen compares the number of characters when posting the same information on Twitter in English, Spanish and Japanese, but it was 140 characters in English, 154 letters in Spanish It is understood that it takes twice the number of characters than Japanese.

A good example of that is the twink of President Trump. Because the contents you want to send can not be accommodated by one tweet, we often link multiple tweets with "..." as follows, and it seems that you are struggling to put down what you want to say.

Also in the past, in the case of tweets in English, the statistics that 9% of them have reached the upper limit of the number of characters have been made clear. As a result, users in English-speaking countries have had a hard time cutting down "few more characters", forcing them to use abbreviations such as "you are → ur", and sometimes even giving up on tweets themselves Pattern. However, when the preliminary test of the 280 character limit was carried out, the case where the tweet in English reached the upper limit of the number of characters suddenly decreased to only 1% of the whole. Meanwhile, it is also clear that only 0.4% of the total number of characters reached the maximum number of characters in Japanese tweets.

In this way, measures to make it easier for you to express yourself even in languages ​​such as English will increase the number of characters limit this time. For the same reasons, the limit for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean is unchanged.

Japanese, Korean, and Chinese are different from other languages ​​and continue to be 140 characters because there is no problem due to the limit character count. These languages ​​differ in the amount of information that can be conveyed because the density of the writing system is different compared to other languages.

In addition, it is said that concern was raised that "Timeline is filled with letters?" By raising the limit on the number of characters, but in fact it seems that operation was carried out with almost no problem. At first it seems there were some people who clicked on letters because of rarity, but gradually the number seems to be decreasing. In other words, "140 characters limit for English was not an appropriate figure"

As with our employees on Twitter, many of you think that the timeline will be filled with tweets of 280 characters, "I guess they will all be using the limit of 280 letters" I will. But there was not such a thing. As a result of the test, 5% of tweets with 140 letters or more were 2%, tweets exceeding 190 characters were 2%. As a result, even if you look at the timeline, it will not change much from what you are currently, and on the timeline you will see a number of tweets that is not much different from the current one.

Meanwhile, Twitter craftsmen also exist in the English-speaking world. There were users who added red pen as well as "Just enough 139 characters" tweeted by Twitter's Jack Dorsey with 280 characters.

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