Wireless charging terminal "Pi" that can simultaneously supply power to multiple units simply by placing the smartphone nearby

iPhone 8Has been compatible with wireless power supply, there has been signs that the wireless charging function will be spreading in earnest, but it still has the disadvantage that it must be placed on the special pad. A terminal having a shape like a speaker "Pi"Has the potential to reduce the burden of charging at once by allowing simultaneous charging of multiple units just by placing smartphones and tablets in the vicinity.


A characteristic design like Pi that cuts the apex of the cone.

Pi is a charging terminal that can wirelessly supply power to surrounding terminals corresponding to wireless power supply.

The principle adopted a wireless power supply system using general electromagnetic induction.

However, it was essential to solve mathematical problems in order to supply power to peripheral terminals without using dedicated pads.

This problem was solved by Mr. Risin-shi who is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT and Mr. McDonald's of MIT Sloan School of Management. It seems that it took three and a half years to develop algorithms and develop special parts to create magnetic fields.

Pi can charge up to 4 terminals in the neighborhood at the same time. Electricity can be supplied with more than 1 A even when charging multiple units.

Charging is possible for iPhone 8 and other terminals conforming to the Qi standard.

For terminals that do not support Qi, a dedicated wireless charging case will be prepared.

Since it can charge even from 12 inches (about 30 cm) away, you can use the terminal even during wireless charging.

Wireless charging is possible just by placing the terminal around the Pi of the base station placed on the desk. It is not necessary to connect cables for charging or place them on special pads.

Pi will become a charging station, in the future Amazon'sEchoYaGoogle HomeIf it is integrated into an AI assistant speaker like that, there seems to be a possibility that it will take time and trouble of charging from a terminal in the room.

Pi will be released at a price of less than $ 200 (about 22,000 yen) in 2018.

The reservation reception has already begun on the following official website, and an early reservation person is given a discount of 50 dollars (about 5500 yen).


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