A mysterious radio wave arriving from the far side of the universe "high-speed radio burst" reveals that it is repeatedly occurring and the mystery of the universe further deepens

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A mysterious radio wave flash that arrives from the universe that was first observed in 2007 "High-speed radio burst(FRB) "is a phenomenon counted as one of the mysteries of contemporary space science, and the cause is" from what is emitted from neutron stars "from" one from the extraterrestrial life form There is a wide range of theories spoken to such things as radio waves. Meanwhile, it is the source that was confirmed early in January 2017Dwarf galaxy, I found that the same radio burst was repeatedly emitted.

Scientists detect strange repeating radio burst on the other side of the cosmos

This high-speed radio wave burst is a dwarf galaxy located 3 billion light-years away from the earth "FRB 121102It is clear that it has arrived from. FRB 121102 is a celestial body for the first time high-speed radio burst was confirmed in 2012, and the same radio burst was confirmed in 2015.

A mysterious radio wave from the universe "High speed radio burst" was found out where in the universe occurred - GIGAZINE

And this time,Vishal GajjarDr. has again discovered that high speed radio burst has arrived from FRB 121102. Gajjar is a project to find extraterrestrial life formsSETI Breakthrough Listen programParticipated in the state of Virginia, USAGreen Bank TelescopeWe found that the existence of high-speed radio burst was found among the data obtained by the observation made by. The Breakthrough Listen program is an earth planet that Russian wealthy Yuri Milner casts a huge cost of 100 million dollars (11 billion yen), including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Facebook Mark Zuckerburg CEO It is a part of the life exploration project of.

When observing the frequency band from 4 GHz to 8 GHz for 5 hours, Mr. Gajjar found 15 new high-speed radio bursts. The high-speed radio burst is extremely short that the length of radio waves per one time is only a few milliseconds, and that the frequency band is an important point in this discovery. "The discovery in the high frequency band like this time will encourage reconsideration of the mechanism by which FRB 121102 emits radio waves.And the frequency structure found in the frequency band from 4 GHz to 8 GHz, We will tell you something about the intervening substances between us, "Gajjar tells about the findings of the discovery.

According to Gajjar, the existence of a high-speed radio burst showing periodic strong activity in this way excludes the hypothesis that "it is caused by the collision of two black holes" which has been thought conventionally. So it will emerge again because of neutron starPulsarAlthough it is the existence, there are still many mysteries about energy sources that emit such strong radio waves. Gajjar said, "The fact that the signal source has entered an active state again is unlikely to cause the signal to be a major incident in the heavenly body, although this is the reason for other celestial bodies There is also sex left behind. "

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