Is a mysterious celestial body "Fatima Amua" flying from outside the solar system a spaceship created by an extraterrestrial life?

Mysterious celestial bodies flying from outside the solar system in October 2017Parrot Amua"There was a rumor that" Is not it a spaceship of extraterrestrial intelligent life forms? " In a new study, research on low frequencies observed from Oumea Mua was conducted, and researchers conclude that the possibility is extremely low on the idea that intellectual life forms exist behind the parrot Amua.

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In October 2017, it became news that mysterious objects came from outside the solar system. Although it was a theory that "asteroids and comets are moving between stars and happen to pass through the solar system," there was never confirmed in the past, and this event is astronomers saying "We are dozens I have been waiting for this day for a year. "

"We waited for this decade for this day", confirmed a mysterious celestial body thought to have come from outside the solar system - GIGAZINE

The celestial object named "Parrot Amua" approached the earth on 14th October and was already away from the earth at the time of discovery. Meanwhile, when the University of Hawaii conducted observations, it turned out that Aum Amor had a cigar shape with a length to width ratio of 10: 1 and an estimated length of 400 m to 800 m. Because it is a shape that can not be seen in the asteroids and comets of the solar system, it is thought that it is made of rocks and metals with a high surface density, so it is said that "Is not it a spaceship used by intelligent life forms?" Has spread.

Small celestial bodies flying from outside the solar system "Aum Amua" is a cigar type rocky or metallic - GIGAZINE

Since the parrot Amua emitted frequencies similar to FM radio, the research team of Professor Steven Tingay et al. Belonging to the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) at the University of Curtin is a low frequency radio wave operating in Australia We investigated this low frequency using a telescope, Murchison Widefield Array / MWA. The Western Australian Murchison where the MWA is located is located far away from the area where people are active and is said to be the place with the least radio wave in the world.

According to Professor Tingay, astronomers have looked back at all the data observed by MWA from November 2017 to the beginning of January 2018. At that time, the parrot Amua was at a distance of 95 million to 590 million kilometers from the earth, so he could not find something and he could not observe the existence of life forms. Meanwhile, the presence of the cottage amua is said to have been an opportunity to extend the scope of extraterrestrial life exploration to far range than ever.

Professor Tingay said about the observation, "If advanced civilization exists in our galaxy, they can move back and forth between planets and it is possible to develop a spacecraft that uses radio waves for communication" Sexuality is extremely low and it can be said to be close to 0. As a scientist it is important to abandon a thoughtful thought, to observe under bias, to grasp the evidence. "

As a result of observation, scientists have concluded that "It will be a piece of a comet that caught cosmic rays while traveling between planets and lost much of the surface water." Researchers also believe that 46 million celestial bodies, similar to the cottage amulets, cross the solar system every year.

Aum Amua is too far away to study in detail, as of April 2018 we do not have the technology to observe, but we plan to start scientific observation from 2020Square · kilometer · arrayIf it is, it is believed to help you understand moving between planets like the parrot Amuar.

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