The mysterious radio wave from the universe "high speed radio burst" was found out where in the universe occurred

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The mysterious astronomical phenomenon first observed in 2007High-speed radio burst(FRB) "was discovered for the first time. There are many unknown elements about high-speed radio bursts, but this discovery seems to be the first step toward elucidating the phenomenon of mystery.

A direct localization of a fast radio burst and its host

Astronomers have found the source of a deep space radio wave burst for the first time - The Verge

High-speed radio burst is a celestial phenomenon in which radio waves are radiated in a short time of 1/1000, which was first observed in 2007. It has occurred 18 times since 2007, but among them it has become clear that high-speed radio bursts named "FRB 121102" occurred in the same place several times.

Professor Shami Chatarzy of Cornell University who discovered "FRB 121102" formed a research team to locate the source of the high-speed radio burst and found a facility that can capture weak radio waves from outer space "Carl Jansky Very large interfering radio telescope group"We conducted observations of" FRB 121102 "over 6 months.

ByDiana Robinson

As a result of the observation, the research team successfully photographed the high resolution image of "FRB 121102", calculated the moving speed of the galaxy from the image, and found that the source of "FRB 121102" was about 3 billion light years from Earth It is inDwarf galaxyIt was found out. Professor Chuttardy said, "To be able to observe even from 3 billion light-years away is that the energy when FRB 121102 is released is unlikely to be considered."

Although we were able to identify the location of the source, we can not tell the origin of the source only by observation this time. What is generating such a large energy "FRB 121102" is that it emits a large amount of high energy electromagnetic waves in addition to black holesMagnetIt is hypothesized that it is.

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The next aim of Professor Chatarazy is to observe high-speed radio bursts repeatedly occurring except "FRB 121102" and to identify the galaxy that is occurring. If we can find multiple galaxies generating high-speed radio bursts, it seems that it will lead to elucidation of sources and mechanisms.

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