Toyota announces the concept of "concept - love i" at the CES 2017 for the future image of the automobile that understands and "grows" people by artificial intelligence

Toyota will exhibit the latest technology for consumer use held in Las Vegas, USA, January 5-7, 2017 "CES 2017Concept car equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that can "grow" together with the owner at the venue "Concept - love i(Concept · Eye) "will be announced.

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"Concept - love i" is a car with an egg type design, and it has released an atmosphere of "concept car" indeed. By the way, it may have been such a form of 2015 car that appeared in the movie 'Back to the Future Part 2'.

The door is composed of 4 pieces, and both the front and rear bounce up type.

If you raise both front doors, it looks like a super car. The design of the vehicle is Toyota's design studio in California "CALTY(Carty) "was in charge.

Interior that overflows very much when opening the door. It is interesting that the steering wheel is left though it is a concept car equipped with AI.

The headlight is embedded in the bumper part, so it is not visible from the outside when turned off. If you look closely, the impression that the round eye seems to be slightly inclined makes us feel something that also leads to the former Toyota 800 (also known as "Yotahachi"). As for the power to move the vehicle, it is assumed that "zero emissions power train" of exhaust gas zero is assumed.

Concept - With love i, Toyota interacts with drivers and passengers by using AI technology named "Yui", reads emotions and learns, thereby presenting the appearance of a car as a partner It is.

The display will also appear on the outside of the car body. When the owner approaches to open the door, it displays "Hello!" On the organic EL display built in the door ... ....

It seems to be equipped with a function to display attention "WATCH OUT !!! (Caution !!!)" with a brake lamp and urge attention to surrounding drivers.

When automatic operation is in progress, the "AUTOMATED" character appears on the hood part as well.

As you can see from the fact that the steering wheel is left behind, Toyota said that this vehicle is not considered "fully automatic driving vehicle". Gill Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research Institute, Toyota's research and development organization,Completely automatic operation equivalent to Level 5 says "It is hard to say that realization is close"Even so, in Toyota, you can see that the driver and AI are looking at the direction of aiming for safety while talking.

By reading the expression and arousal state of the driver, AI's "Yui" stimulates the sympathetic nerve with lighting and vibration, for example, when it is drowsy, and when the mood is rising, on the other hand, it is aroma such as lavender He said that he was going to react so as to calm her feelings. In addition, it is said that it will be possible to respond to driver's psychology, such as switching to automatic operation mode.

In this way, about the "Concept - love i" that responds to the psychology of the driver like a living being and its AI "Yui", the Vernet of IT based internet media is expressed as "like a giant Tamagotchi" doing. Toyota announces that it will start the test run of test vehicles equipped with some functions within a few years in Japan.

Concept - love i The state at the time of announcement can be seen in the following movie by The Verge.

Toyota's Concept - i event in under 3 minutes - YouTube

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