China plans "high speed flight train" of 4000 km maximum speed exceeding Hyperloop

Chinese aerospace engineering group company (CASIC) planning "high speed flight train" in the 3rd China International Commercial Air and Space Summit held on Wuhan City, Hubei Province on 30th August 2017 We revealed. The current plan is being promotedMr. Eulon Mask's "Hyperloop (Hyper Loop)"It is scheduled to run at a speed over 1000 km / h but the railway planned by CASIC is 4000 km / h.

China Aerospace Exploration Study Acceleration High Speed ​​Flight Ordered Car: Maximum 4,000 Kim

According to Liu Shiquan of CASIC, the "high-speed flight train" plan includes JR Tokai's "Central Shinkansen"Was used as a superconducting magnetLinear motor car (magnetic levitation type railroad)He said that the same decompressed tube as the hyper loop will be used.

The plan first forms a flying rail network between the local cities at the first stage "speed 1000 km". Subsequently, at "2000 km / h," we formed a flying rail network between major cities. It is planned to attain the maximum speed of 4000 km at the third stage.

Mr. Liu said in the end that he is aiming to make this "high speed flight train" one of the new cards China can use for business.

Although it is not a number coming with pins much even if saying "4000 km / h," the maximum speed of the railway currently running in Japan is 320 kilometers per hour which the Tohoku Shinkansen "Hayabusa" will take between Utsunomiya and Morioka stations 12.5 times. The passenger plane is about 900 km / h, cruise speed is more than three times that speed.

If this really happens, it may be that it is a strong enemy for airlines.

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