China Shinkansen claims to apply for patent applications in the US, claiming to be based on proprietary technology


In developing China's high-speed rail network, we received technology from Japan's East Japan Railway Company and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and the vehicle based on the E2 Shinkansen "CRH type 2"It was memorable that it was delivered to China, but it became clear that China is a policy to apply for a patent on high-speed railway in the United States.

For some time China has emphasized domestically as "domestic technology" about the Shinkansen in China, but also argues that the technology examining patent applications is not unique from Japan but a proprietary technology in China.

High-speed technology eyes US patents

According to a report by China's English newspaper "China Daily", one manufacturer, "CSR Qingdao Sifang" developing a high-speed railway in China, is studying patent application for high-speed rail in the United States.

This is revealed by Mr. Ma Yunshuang of General Manager and Technology Director of the company and it is already contracted with an American lawyer to compare with the patent already acquired in the United States.

This time we are considering applying for patents in the United States is a new type of vehicle called "CRH 380 A type", if America can plan to acquire patents in the USA regarding the technology adopted for this vehicle, the US planned Railway officials expect that CSR will be more likely to participate in the development of high-speed railway.

Although Mr. Ma is rooted in Japanese technology, "CRH 380 A type" is different from "CRH 2 type" which was imported from Japan no longer many years ago, and it is expected that Beijing-Shanghai, which is scheduled to open soon Comment that it can be safely used even for a high-speed railway linking.

In 2004, China received technology from the Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan, which runs at a speed of 200 km / h, and also purchased technology from Bombardier in Canada and Alston in France to travel at a speed of 200 to 250 km / h, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries and "CRH 2 Type "developed. In 2005 I agree with the German Siemens on transferring technology to the railway which runs at 300 km / h.

And, for "CRH 2 type" which is not supposed to run at 350 km / 300 km / h, the "CRH 380 A type" developed this time is equipped with bogie (wheel mounting portion of the vehicle where the axle freely rotates ), The tip of the vehicle, technological innovation was done on the exterior of the train.

According to Mr. Ma, Mr. Ma said, "Although our technology may have originated from overseas, not all of our technologies belong to them, but we have tried running experiments to satisfy our needs We are designing by adding our own knowledge gained from, etc, no longer the new train (technology) is other than us. "

However, Mr. Ma admits that Japanese technology is still being adopted for bearings of "CRH 380 A type", but for all parts purchased from abroad, "CSR company has a technical requirement level We have ordered it after deciding it. "

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