Supersonic machine which is flying in Beijing - New York in just 2 hours is under development

Futurism reports that China, which has achieved rapid economic growth in recent years, is developing a supersonic aircraft that flies between Beijing and New York in just a few hours and has already test flight by wind tunnel experiments.

China's Hypersonic Plane Travels From Bejing to New York in a Few Hours

Speaking of supersonic machines, supersonic aircraft that had too much anticipated the era"Concorde" failureAlthough it is remembered, in October 2017 JAL became an American venture company that develops supersonic passenger aircraftWe will announce about 1.1 billion yen investmentFor airlines, etc., the operation of supersonic aircraft is a plea for me. Meanwhile, China is developing supersonic aircraft that flies between Beijing and New York in just a few hours.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing said the new supersonic aircraftWind tunnel experimentMeasure the speed of Mach 5 to 7 (speed of about 6000 km to 8600 km) at "Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy"We announced in. As seen from the front, it is similar to the alphabet "I", so the new supersonic aircraft named "I plane" will "fly in Beijing and New York in just 2 hours". In addition, it can be seen that the speed of the I plane is phenomenal, as general civil aircraft fly in about 14 hours between Beijing and New York.

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South China · Morning · PostAccording to the report, the lift of the I plane isBoeing 737Only 25%. The lift force is a force to lift the wing of the airplane upwards, which is indispensable for flight, but the greater the lift, the lower the speed. For that reason, as the speed of an airplane is reduced, the wing is made smaller to lower the lift, but the lift of the I plane can be said to support the speed exceeding the Mach 5. Also, while the Boeing 737 can transport up to 20 tons of passengers and 200 passengers, the I plane of the same size can transport 50 passengers.

A researcher familiar with I plane research says to South China Morning Post that "I plane can be used for transporting bombs and can be used as a supersonic bomber". China exceeds 10,000 km / hDevelop supersonic missilesAnd it may be a similar threat to other countries.

Science magazinePopular science"I plane reflects China's wish to become a leader in the development of supersonic weapons.The future plans to develop a wind tunnel that can generate speeds up to Mach 36 (about 43,000 km) This is an American wind tunnel that produces Mach 30LENS-XIt is expected to exceed. "

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US Pacific Commander's CommanderHarry HarrisMr. Council warned about development of supersonic aircraft in China, but of course the US is also developing a supersonic aircraft. NASA researchers can cross the United States within one hour by using boron nitride nanotube materialCan develop airplanesIt is said that the US Navy can attack anywhere on Earth within an hourTesting supersonic weapons.

Also, Lockheed Martin, who develops and manufactures aircraft and spacecraft, is the supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle of the highest speed Mach 6 (about 7200 km)SR-72"ofSuccessful developmentIt is said that flight is scheduled to be carried out by 2030. It seems that supersonic aircraft will take time to reach the commercialization stage, but it seems that commercialization is approaching imminent in the field of weapons development.

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