Google Street View finally enters space, making it possible to explore the International Space Station (ISS) from home

Google Street View is not only for urban areas and roads around the world,Airport, station, museum, interior of commercial facilitiesAndIn the seaIt is encompassing every place on the earth such as. Such Google Street View advanced to the International Space Station (ISS), so that I could go to space by my being at home.

Welcome to Outer Space View

There are several points of Google Street View shot by ISS, and it is possible to move about within each area. The following is an ISS observation module built by the European Space Agency (ESA) that can observe the Earth from outer space "Cupola"

American side module

By clicking the round icon for some facilities, it is possible to display the description of each facility. For exampleUnityIt is "Galley Table" inside (node ​​1), and six astronauts can take meals etc.

The following is "harmony(Node 2) ".

Like a closet is like an astronaut's bed called "Crew Quarter"

here"questThe air lock part called. Air lock is a device that connects two spaces of different atmospheric pressures and allows entry and exit while maintaining internal confidentiality.

There is an extravehicular activity unit "EMU" that keeps life when astronauts conduct extravehicular activities and there is no doubt that they will be excited.

Tosa Pesquet, the astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA), took these images in cooperation with Google. Mr. Pesuke stayed at ISS for half a year from the beginning of 2017 and returned to Earth in June. He seems to have taken an image for the street view based on the time when each area of ​​the ISS becomes unmanned during his stay. You can also see how Pesuke actually shoots ISS from the following movie.

Go Inside the International Space Station with Google Street View - YouTube

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