To be able to see inside Google's data center in street view

Google Street ViewCorresponds to all seven continents including AntarcticaDoing it,Explore the AmazonI could do it, but at last we saw the inside of our data center on street view (Street View tour). The top photo is from the actual Google data center server room.

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On YouTube, movies that combine actual data center scene and street view are released.

Explore a Google data center with Street View - YouTube

Google's data center is located in Lenoir, North Carolina

Move the street view doll there ... ...

Arrived in front of the data center entrance

I will come in forever

Go through something like a counter ... ...

Discover a man with a Google color cap

This is a data center office.

Go through the opening prohibited door ... ....

I feel there is a Stormtrooper next to the server rack that is visible over there, but for the time being without worrying ......

To the room next to it.

Black racks are lining up

This is a networking room

The lamp indicating the exchange of data is shining and blinking repeatedly

And, to the wider server room.

This is supporting various services of Google ....

It is said that this is a tape library

If you say what you are doing as a pile of HDDs ......

In order to prevent data leakage, we are destroying each one to make no mistakes.

And out from the exit.

This is a cooling facility

The tanks of water are lined up in line ... ...

I always chill the ventilation opening with water

That is why it can be seen from anywhere.

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