Where is the photos and "nice" posted on Facebook stored?


There are various SNSs in the world such as Instagram on Facebook on Twitter, all texts and photos posted on these are stored in the cloud and can be checked at any time via the Internet. The data stored in the cloud is not inside the terminal of the PC or the smart phone, but in what place is the data stored in Bloomberg'sAshley VanceHas infiltrated the place where Facebook cloud exists.

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The word "cloud" that he began to hear frequently recently.

Many people are using it without much knowing what this points.

The identity of the cloud is a group of computers with rows of slurries.

Among them, photos posted on SNS and information you "like" have been saved.

A blue pipe on the ceiling.

I can only understand that computers with a number of Tondemoni numbers are lined up in a fairly large area at a glance. This group of computers is a collection of thousands of servers and storage systems, which is the identity of the cloud. In other words, this is the data center where data existing on the Internet is stored.

I will open the door and enter the Facebook data center.

Joel wearing a blue shirt on the left works at Facebook's data center. Right is columnist Vance.

"Here all the actions, photos and nice being done on Facebook are kept," Vance says.

In the data center, photos and sentences are not saved in a visible form as follows. However, indeed the data of the photo is stored in the storage, Mr. Vance's blond hair appearance on the young days ... ...

Various information such as who wrote "who likes" who posted it is stored.

Blue LED is doubtfully dull.

"We build the infrastructure in excess, so as to prevent end users from being affected even if some of the servers are down," Joel talks about the strengths of Facebook's built-in server I will.

The server leaves the base and others exposed as shown below.

And Joel singing out one of the servers as a matter of fact.

When removing the case it is like this. To make energy and cooling as efficient as possible, the fan is not installed as you can see.

Instead of fans, it is making pressure difference so that air can pass through the server.

"In my opinion, most people have never seen the interior of the data center, so many people are imagining a server like a pizza box and thousands of fans stand side by side Then, Mr. Vance. So I will move through the data center.

And it was a huge fan that appeared in front of me.

As you can see from Mr. Buns' hair, you can see that wind is blowing indoors.

Normally there are countless air conditioning units in the data center to send cold air to cool the server. And Facebook's data center is equipped with the latest equipment for sending cold air to the server.

There seems to be an amazing level of air conditioning management at Facebook data center.

A number of facilities in charge of air conditioning management.

At the datacenter sucking outside air ......

Filter this to make it clean ...

Spray the mist and increase the humidity.

And the cold air seems to be sent to the room where the server lined up.

Since Facebook is a basic free service, it is necessary to operate the data center as cheaply as possible.

The result of minimizing the cost of one click is the form of the current data center.

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