A picture of the inside filled with dust, a picture of VAIO that you can not see again

It is a photograph that it became ridiculous if the desktop model of Sony's personal computer "VAIO" was using it without cleaning the inside.

Not only are dusts piled up, but they look like spider webs. This is terrible.

Details are as follows.
There are plenty of dust inside.

I do not know whether it is no longer a dust or a cable. In the back "VAIO" logo.

Is it a web of spiders on the left side?

It seems that the web of spider fuses with cable.

I want to suck in at once with a vacuum cleaner.

Is the fan functioning?

Things like cocoon (Mayu) at the PCI slot are united ...! Is it?

It seems necessary to keep the inside open and to clean frequently in order to avoid the situation that the dust can not be cooled and the personal computer is broken.

The original picture is on the link below.

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